Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Robin Pagoria and LDD

According to the affidavit, Robin Pagoria met her boyfriend on a site called spankfinder.com .  This looks a lot like her profile.

Given her current legal problems, she probably won't be in a position to tell us about her "other kinky interests" any time soon.  But her other profile provides ... well, probably way too much information.

"LDD" stands for "loving domestic discipline," which seems to be a combination of sadomasochism and bizarre headgames.  One partner, usually the man, "disciplines" the other partner to enforce rules.  There's an even stranger variation for fundies called "Christian domestic discipline" that allows them to claim that this lifestyle is "Biblical."  Presumably Pagoria's boyfriend would have been the partner who was (ostensibly) in charge.  It would be interesting to know whether he had found any other women on the spankfinder website who had access to children.  Is this really the first time something like this has happened?  It's not clear whether Robin Pagoria would have done something like this under her own steam.

We saw someone else in an earlier entry who was talking about being in a "domestic discipline" relationship.  Given that she'd also talked about spanking her daughter on the bare butt, I called a social services agency in North Carolina to express concern.  They told me that what the woman was doing was legal, so they wouldn't be taking any action.  It's sort of paradoxical -- getting caught with an image or video depicting a child getting spanked bare could mean a felony conviction and sex offender status.  But actually doing it to a child in real life is legal because it's considered "discipline."


  1. There are lots and lots of adults that are into spanking. Different studies and research has put the number at about 1 in 5 adults has spanked (or been spanked by) another adult. As far as kinks go, it's extremely popular. The vast-vast majority would NEVER involve a child in their kink. This is true of those that are even more into spanking... including those that would post on a site like spankfinder.com. In fact, that site has a very-very strict rule about posting *anything* about children. It is strictly forbidden. Even posting something about you yourself being spanked as a child is often off limits.

    The 'spanking community' overall is vigilant about the kink only involving "consenting adults" and totally and completely having nothing to do with minors. There is more than just a little outrage directed at Robin Pagoria too (though she was not known in the spanking community).

    Ms Pagoria was in law enforcement and used that position of authority to violate children (well, allegedly... though the evidence seems rather overwhelming given there is a video). We'd never dream of tarring all of law enforcement because of this one bad apple though. That wouldn't be fair, and we'd all agree with that. The same is true of adults that enjoy spanking other adults. The overwhelming majority are sickened by what this woman did. It's vile and she should serve a long-long time in prison.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  2. Thank you very much for your feedback. I have no problem with consenting adults doing whatever they see fit in private, but it bothers me when children get brought into it. If you go through http://facebookwatcher.blogspot.com/search/label/sadomasochism , you may find some other people who are cut from the same cloth, though they don't take it as far.

  3. I have met many parents on social networks who boast of their enjoyment of spanking for sexual reasons with their spouse of other willing partner. They also are strong proponents of spanking children and have no concern as they admit they spank their own children for punishment and completely deny any level of motivation to spank their children is because they have a spanking fetish. While there may be a strong taboo that discourages a parent from holding any sexual feelings for their children so that they might repress those feelings when they spank them they are still subconsciously sexually enjoying the experience. Some have told me they secretely do experience sexual eroticism from it but consider it a private matter they can't avoid and don't persue. It's quite easy to use this published example as abusive for the amout of ritual nudity and force but even a degree of a lessor amount using an open hand over a lap can be erotic for parents holding this type of sexual fetish and it's never questioned as sexual abuse!

  4. Too bad Robin couldn't spank a few prisoners instead. Hey that brings to mind another thought. How come Robin didn't meet her freak in jail ri'ight? I mean it's much better to get your freak on while getting paid.