Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creepy Groups and Users

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook that a high school classmate had joined the Facebook group “My parents didn’t put me in time-out, they whooped my ass!”  It had a Boondocks image, and I clicked the link.  Many of the posts basically talked about how kids today were out of control, and physical punishment was more common in past generations.  Nothing too surprising there.  But some of the posts got pretty creepy, particularly in the thread “Bare-Ass Spanking or Over Clothes?”  Let’s check out a few of them.

Who ARE these guys? Pulling up their Facebook pages was enlightening.  Let’s take a look at Ray Palmer first.   It does mention a 13-year-old daughter.

His wall makes him seem like a pretty single-minded guy.

Charlie Gordon seems to have similar interests, and his wall mentions a discussion of being “into it.”  


John Williams quote is “Your never too old for a good old-fassioned spanking” and he likes the alias “firmhandtn.”


Like Ray, John also seems to be rather single-minded.

John also has a unique approach to kitchen decor.

What is this “Dads that believe in spanking” group that Hank and Ray joined? 



We get to hear even more about Ray spanking his 13-year-old daughter in the “How often?” thread below.


  Let’s check out one of the other groups Hank and Ray joined.

 Hank’s curiosity seems to be boundless.


The site "" has been mentioned twice so far.  Do we even want to know what goes on there?  Probably not, but we'll check it out anyhow.

What a surprise!  Hank and Ray show up there too.  Ray can't quite seem to understand why his 13-year-old daughter doesn't want him removing her underpants, and Hank reassures him that since he's probably done it many times before, it should be OK now too.

Then we have a heartwarming post from Ray about their daughter's adoption.  He had to jump through so many hoops to finally get the opportunity to tug a 13-year-old girls underpants down.

The “High School Paddlings” wall somehow gets even more obviously prurient than the last group, which is no small feat.


Most educators would be pretty creeped out by a request like that.  But it does raise some questions about schools that continue to use corporal punishment.

Let’s check out the Christian group, which explicitly states that it does not want members who are interested in spanking “in the sexual sense.”  That should keep out the perverts, right?

The motto is “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”  How could that possibly appeal to any prurient interests?

Their wall starts with a discussion of Michael and Debi Pearl, Christian authors whose books were linked to two cases of children being beaten to death.  A user called “Tim Tom” quotes from their book “No Greater Joy.”

Since this is the Christian group, at least Tim and Mark aren’t fixated on spanking, right?  Oops, apparently so.


One poster, Amanda Facey, got infuriated by the suggestion that spanking a kid with their pants down might be perceived as sexual or at least confusing.  Would "bares their child" be considered a Freudian slip here?

 Let's check out Amanda Facey's profile.

The user ID, aemrynna, is unusual.  Googling it returns a link to this comment about a fan fiction piece with a sadomasochistic theme.  (

Aemrynna comments, "I love this story! Please tell me you plan to continue it, or make it a series. I love Edward as a dominate. And I love seeing Bella get paddled. Please write more. Also, I would like to offer my services as a second Beta. There are still many spelling and grammer mistakes that are being missed. Please let me know. Thanks for a great story!"

Aemrynna has even more posts to related to spanking.  Imagine that.

Aemrynna also ventures into the world of child-rearing advice on Yahoo, and recommends spanking.  What a surprise!  Fortunately, the other participants aren't impressed.

She also turns up on the Yahoo board "dd-hoh," which is dedicated to "domestic discipline-head of household" relationships.  The group defines these as "relationships in which a couple agrees that one will be the Head Of Household (HOH) and they will use and enforce rules in order to produce a more harmonious relationship. Enforcement is often by means of spanking."

In her post, she says,
Hello there. My name is Amanda and I am pretty new to the group. I joined a week or so ago, and have just kind of lurked since then. Well, today I decided it might be time to join in. I am a 25 year old mother of 1, a 3 year old little girl. I have been in 2 seperate LDD relationships, one with my soon to be exhusband, and one right now with my current boyfriend. My husband never really got into it, he never spanked me to tears, and he always thought of the whole thing as sexual. He seemed to like to actually hit you, not participate in LDD.  Hence the divorce. My boyfriend on the other hand, has participated in an LDD  relationship once before, and actually knows what he is doing. He actually sticks to the rules he has set, and makes sure that I follow them, or pay the consequences. He almost always spanks to tears, and does not stop as soon as I start crying.
Somehow, the idea of this woman pulling her daughter's pants down and spanking her just got even more disturbing.


  1. Please go to Unlimited Justice or Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education to help fight this disturbing child abuse!

    Another group of concern: The Intelligent Mom's Guide to Spanking.

  2. Yeah, we could safely say that Becky Chandler was a "unique individual." She's toned it down a bit after Facebook shut down an earlier account, but that group is pretty obvious.