Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frostwire and Friends

Loveem Young is back, in one of his numerous online incarnations.  But he has a little problem.  Since Limewire is down due to some DMCA-related legal problems, Loveem Young doesn't know where to get his PTHC fix.

He also seems to like ImageShack.  Not sure exactly what the links point to, but I wouldn't recommend typing in the URLs to find out, unless you're LE.

Who is Stephanie Burroughs, the helpful friend who suggested Frostwire for all Loveem Young's PTHC needs?

Uh huh.  "Loving my daughter" and "Lolita," huh?

How about Linda Jensen?  She claims to have attended "PTHC SCHOOL" and also lists "Hussyfan", "swapping photos," and even specifies her desired age range.

Justin Black also shows up on Loveem Young's friends list, with "incest" as an interest.  The photo makes you wonder if beauty pageants for little girls appeal to anyone other than crazy mothers and pedophiles.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Creepy links

Creepy user pictures on the profiles, and creepy links on the walls (which I didn't follow).

The photo of the young girl on Iyaki Motkiller's profile is disturbing.

Paulo Tiago seems more like Pennywise in Stephen King's "It" than a sad clown.

Hussyfan bbs

"Hussyfan bbs" has shown up repeatedly in lists of user interests.

There's another group called "Hussyfan facial."

Another Crotch-Grabber

After seeing a crotch-grabber in a previous post, we have another one for you today.  Iwant You is open about his interest in young girls and PTHC.

John New's profile picture reminds me a little of sketches of the Unabomber.  He's also interested in PTHC.

No Pubic Hair

Given that the users with the more obvious child porn keywords in their profile sometimes get reported, I wonder if they've started using new code terms, like "no pubic hair" to describe their interests?

Cybear Ondi Prowl

At first, I wondered if Cybear Ondi Prowl -> C.O.P. -> cop?  Probably not.  Given the "Washington. DC" location, we better hope he's not a congressman either.

Girls in Asia

Cherry Popper is interested in girls from 8-11 years old, and is apparently living somewhere in Asia where local law enforcement doesn't cramp his style too much.

Tanya Jahan is supposed to be a "fun loving little girl" who lives in Bangladesh.  All the TV shows in her list are American.

One status message states, "I'm a young slut to Master Dorian."  Joining a group like "sex in public places" is not something a "fun-loving little girl" would typically do.

Weird mothers

Most mothers don't want their kids anywhere near pedophiles.  So it seemed a bit strange when a few profiles showed mothers displaying their kids, but all the mothers seemed to have a lot of pedophiles in their friend lists.  Honestly, how many mothers do you know who'd be friends with someone called "Pay Dough?"

Fred Kummer, shown in the friends list for Agnes Breitner, has already been featured on this blog.  He was into 2-12 year old girls.

Julio Manesto, with the "boy love" symbol, has also been mentioned.

So has "Pay Dough."

Sometimes They Come Back

If all Facebook does with pedophiles and child porn is disable the accounts, I'd guess a lot of the users come back.  Here are some from previous entries.  Robby Hull was looking for other parents before that account got disabled.  Now there's a "Robert Hull" with the same pattern of interests who is also looking for parents.

 A user with the same photo called "Michel Love" showed up in a previous post.  Here's the latest incarnation.

There's another user called "Inbfour Fourofour."  As in "In before 404" where "404" is the error code for "file not found."  So they probably have some experience getting deleted too.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Merton Jewslaughter

Merton Jewslaughter's Facebook ID is "CutTheirThroats88."  The "88" is also common with racists - the 8th letter of the alphabet is "H" and "HH" stands for "Heil Hitler."  The "A.C.A.B." is a common criminal tattoo in the UK and stands for "All Coppers Are Bastards."

Violence Against Immigrants

"Curbstomp Mexicans" apparently active in Stormfront, a notorious white supremacist website.

Also some Ku Klux Klan photos.

Gunter Hoss has a "Mexicutioner" image on his wall.

Odin and Max

Odin TheCelt is a charming fellow.

He doesn't like Puerto Ricans either.

His friend Max Heinzheimer is equally charming.

14 words

The "14 words" are popular with white supremacists and are sometimes abbreviated "14" or "14w."  It was coined by David Lane, a founding member of a group called "The Order," which was involved in a number of crimes.  Lane was incarcerated and died in prison in 2007.

The theme shows up in the "Aryan Resistance Militia" group as well.


Here are some profiles with swastikas:

Isn't this kind of thing illegal in Germany?

Nazi Names

Some racists like to adapt names of high-profile Nazis.  Below are a few examples.

Erwin Rommel was actually a very effective military leader who was forced to commit suicide after the Nazis uncovered a plot to overthrow Hitler that Rommel was involved in.  Not sure if "Matt Rommel Wolf" realized that.


Here's the Creativity Church, formerly known as the "World Church of the Creator."  It's a white separatist movement linked to incidents of racial violence.  Its former leader, Matthew Hale, is currently in prison after being convicted of plotting to murder a federal judge.

Patrick O'Sullivan is a fan of Prussian Blue, twin girls who sing racist songs.

He also advocates freeing Charles Manson and talks about helping him on his missions.