Monday, January 31, 2011

Boxers or briefs?

Here's yet another John Wilson, this one interested in boys.

He has lots of photos of young boys.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tommy Grey claims to be "16 and bi."

He has at least one disturbing photo album and wants to be added to groups.  Child porn traders sometimes use closed or private Facebook groups to share photos and videos.

Tommy may have found a lot of like-minded friends.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tyreece Brackenbury is purportedly an adopted 9-year-old who is "in a relationship" with another young boy.  ETA: He's back.

Interesting how many of his friends also have young boys as their profile photos.

Animal Cruelty

Rowal Reyes really likes to watch animals fight.

And this would be the "MATABAN GAMEFARM" that Mr. Reyes admired.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


While watching my blog traffic a few weeks ago, I came across a referral link to my blog from this site:

So I watched the traffic some more.  There'd be a hit from the same ISP associated with the Facebook intern site, and some of the profiles featured in the blog would be taken down shortly afterward.

This is fine - certainly better than the numerous hits I get from users searching for "pthc" and related terms.  It looks like Google/Blogger may also be paying occasional visits, which is reasonable.  So greetings, Facebook intern and Google content reviewers.

Content review is potentially expensive, because there's no good automated way to do it and human labor costs money.  Relying on users to report each other is slightly more effective, but has some big problems too.  Users with unpopular opinions can get mass-reported, but accounts using private groups to exchange horrendous stuff fly under the crowd's radar.

A better reporting system could help.  For example, the available choices to report a user are "Inappropriate profile photo", "Fake profile", "Inappropriate profile info", "Inappropriate wall post", and "Unwanted contact."  What about something related to child exploitation that would hopefully get higher priority than a Facebook account someone had set up for their dog?  Likewise, there's a general "nudity/pornography" category to use in reporting photos, but nothing specific for child pornography.

One simple trait that we've seen with some of the problematic users we've tracked is that they frequently get shut down and come right back with new accounts, sometimes on the same day.  Slashdot and some other sites use the notion of "karma," that rewards users for positive (or acceptable) behavior over a period of time.  Facebook could require that users accounts wait a certain amount of time to access certain features.  For example, what if it took 1 week with no warnings or profile name changes to be allowed to join closed groups, and 2 weeks to join private ones?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here's a slideshow with screenshots related to some of the users we've seen on Facebook. (Updated 1/11/11.)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who's Johnny?

John Howarth just seems like a young Jehovah's Witness from Maine.

But in his "About John" section, "John Howarth" says, "My name is John Wilson."  Interesting.

This John Wilson looks a lot like John Howarth, is from the same place, and is also a Jehovah's witness.

He talks about avoiding sin and "wicked ones."

We find yet another John Wilson with the same location and profile photo as "John Howarth."  This one doesn't mention religion as much and is looking for girls.

Here's a "John Lemay" who looks familiar.

Yup, he does look like "John Howarth" and "John Wilson."

He also wants to meet up with people in Maine.

And there's yet another one with same profile picture as "John Lemay" above.

Actually, we may have seen this guy before - he reminds us of "John Carter" in a previous entry and also someone featured in Marcelino Madrigral's blog.

While perusing the numerous Facebook profiles, I couldn't help listening to this:

Backward Luv

Here's a new user with the name "Vul Gnuoy."  That would be "Young Luv" spelled backwards.  His interests look familiar too.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


There's a Spanish-language group dedicated to incest.  The comments look charming.

Jenny Pissed Off

Here's Jenny.  She claims to be a high school freshman with an interest in "Lolita."

And she'd also like to trade pictures and receive some phone credits, if possible

Dog and Girl

Kelly Wolf displays a photo of a young girl as a profile photo and lists "Dog and girl in Missionary position" as an interest.

She's apparently pretty popular.

And she wants to keep it in the family.

Nothing like voyeurism sex education.


Here is one of many spanking enthusiasts on Facebook.  ETA: He's back.

Trip has a lot of artwork in his albums, mostly depicting children getting spanked with their pants down. We won't post screencaps, though the morbidly curious can see links here, here, and here.  The only thing more disturbing than the images themselves is the fact that it's still legal in the U.S. for parents to do this to children.

In an earlier entry, we saw a mother who got very angry at the suggestion that spanking kids with their pants down was a bad idea.  We later saw posts on other sites with this woman's distinctive Facebook user ID expressing appreciation of sadomasochistic fan fiction and talking about her "domestic discipline" arrangements with her boyfriend.  North Carolina apparently has no problem with any of this.

To quote the Dead Kennedys: "Where do you draw the line?  I'm not telling you, I'm asking you.  Where do you draw the line?  You tell me."

Mara Salvatrucha 13

Mara Salvatrucha 13, also known as MS 13, also has a presence on Facebook.

Lots of tattoos.

They're like an NRA unto themselves.

Who is Iwill Devouryou?  We're not sure, but he seems to have an assault rifle.

Chicago Civic Organizations

Gangs aligned with the People and Folks Nations have a variety of Facebook groups.  Here are a couple.

Community Revolution in Progress

Topper Mnabb trolls the Crips, and is actually pretty funny.

Since the Bloods are on Facebook too, it seems only fair to include a link to them.