Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who's Johnny?

John Howarth just seems like a young Jehovah's Witness from Maine.

But in his "About John" section, "John Howarth" says, "My name is John Wilson."  Interesting.

This John Wilson looks a lot like John Howarth, is from the same place, and is also a Jehovah's witness.

He talks about avoiding sin and "wicked ones."

We find yet another John Wilson with the same location and profile photo as "John Howarth."  This one doesn't mention religion as much and is looking for girls.

Here's a "John Lemay" who looks familiar.

Yup, he does look like "John Howarth" and "John Wilson."

He also wants to meet up with people in Maine.

And there's yet another one with same profile picture as "John Lemay" above.

Actually, we may have seen this guy before - he reminds us of "John Carter" in a previous entry and also someone featured in Marcelino Madrigral's blog.

While perusing the numerous Facebook profiles, I couldn't help listening to this:

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