Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facebook and Predators

According to a Fox News story on October 21, 2010, they had met with Facebook executives on Oct. 6 to point out some obvious child predators.  That was about a month ago, so I did some casual Facebook surfing this weekend to see how hard it would be to find obvious pedophiles.

Not too hard, it turned out.  I started with some obvious keywords, like PTHC.  As mentioned in the Fox story, PTHC stands for "Pre-Teen Hard Core."  Here's an unsubtle one - "Peetee Achcee."  Get it?

Peetee is interested in trading material.  He uses the gmail ID "tineeluver."  For some reason, Facebook keeps deleting him and he keeps coming back.

 Let's check out his buddy "Shane Ispedo," as in "Is Pedo."  Shane has some classy quotes to go along with the photo of the little girl.

Another pedo keyword is "Hussyfan."  This guy was pretty easy to find through a simple Facebook search.

"Our little group" shows up a lot in these users' "Likes and Interests."  Jimmy apparently has children, and his like-minded friends take an interest.

Jimmy is also interested in trading videos.  "3gp" is a video format.

When we Google "pthclover7," this comes up.

Let's check out a profile with what looks like a sort of normal guy.

 He's interested in "girls between the ages of 15 and up", "pthc", and "brutal sex."  On his wall, he asks for nude pics, "the younger the better."

 John has apparently found the girl of his dreams.

 Robert Hayes is interested in numerous things, including children.

His wall is charming.

 Lots of these folks seem to find their way onto rooms with names like "teenchats."  It makes you wonder if there are any actual teens in there, or just pedophiles and (hopefully) law enforcement.  Robert takes umbrage at being called a pedophile, though.

So his interest in "romantic moments" with "girls, boy" isn't pedophilia.  It's just "respect, attention, love, and care."  Gotcha.

Robert's not the only one who's interested in "chubby" people.

We see the term "R@ygold" showing up in the profiles repeatedly.  This is a child porn reference, according to Encyclopedia Dramatica.  In fact, it's not clear why else anyone would have that term in their profile.

Here's another one:

 Another word that shows up repeatedly is "incest."

 "Very young girls" is another popular term.

So is "teaching children."

Here's another one that's into "incest" and "loving my daughter."

This one lists "Ls_magazine" as one of the interests.  That seems to be popular with predators.

 Below is a shot from Glan Davis's wall.  Surprise, surprise, HE'S on "teenchats" too!

Like many of these profiles, Mike George lists the term "Lolita."  "Lolita" is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov from the perspective of Humbert, a sexually exploitive stepfather.   The point of the novel is that Humbert is an unreliable narrator, but the pedos don't seem to quite figure that out, so the term is very popular with them.  There are also variations, like "Loli" and "Lola" that show up.

 Other paraphilias aren't uncommon.

Some of them are exceptionally disgusting, which is saying a lot.

Sadomasochism shows up in a number of these profiles.

The users seem to come from a number of different countries.

Sometimes the profile's photo depicts a child or adolescent.


Cartoons and anime aren't unusual either.


Some of the profiles had a cartoon graphic that looked like one heart inside another.  This is a symbol for "girl lover."  Below are a couple of examples.


Some are a little more subtle, but contain slightly disturbing things.  Notice the "age disparity in sexual relationships" below.

One of the guy's photo albums depicts girls in their underwear.  More than a little creepy, given his interests.

Note: I have notes with some of the URLs and would be willing to share the list, but I didn't post them here because that many links might make this look like a splog.  "" should work as an email address.

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