Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frostwire and Friends

Loveem Young is back, in one of his numerous online incarnations.  But he has a little problem.  Since Limewire is down due to some DMCA-related legal problems, Loveem Young doesn't know where to get his PTHC fix.

He also seems to like ImageShack.  Not sure exactly what the links point to, but I wouldn't recommend typing in the URLs to find out, unless you're LE.

Who is Stephanie Burroughs, the helpful friend who suggested Frostwire for all Loveem Young's PTHC needs?

Uh huh.  "Loving my daughter" and "Lolita," huh?

How about Linda Jensen?  She claims to have attended "PTHC SCHOOL" and also lists "Hussyfan", "swapping photos," and even specifies her desired age range.

Justin Black also shows up on Loveem Young's friends list, with "incest" as an interest.  The photo makes you wonder if beauty pageants for little girls appeal to anyone other than crazy mothers and pedophiles.

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