Sunday, November 14, 2010


LesMum claims to have two daughters who "seem to have followed" her into "being lesbian."  She also expresses interest in "r@ygold" and "pthc."

And of course LesMum is also interested in "Lolita", "Hussyfan", "Our little group", and "Ls magazine."  You know, the usual stuff.

On her wall, she talks about a 16-year-old making more videos over the weekend with "her grandad."

Here's another one who claims to be a lesbian.  Funny, none of the lesbians I know IRL are into "r@ygold", "pthc", or underage partners period.

And "Hussyfan", "Lolita", "Ls", "Preteen" and "Jailbait" as well.  Of course.

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