Friday, May 27, 2011

Robin Pagoria

Robin Leigh Oplinger looks a lot like Robin Leigh Pagoria, a former Polk County Sheriff's deputy, was arrested yesterday for aggravated child abuse and production of child pornography.  She allegedly made videos of herself whipping two girls and sent the video to her boyfriend.  The affidavit is here.

We've previously seen people who seemed to be fixated on spanking kids, including a couple who were talking about sharing videos.  This woman is accused of taking it to the next level.

It's probably not too surprising that she'd show up on a site called ""

She expands on her interest in "domestic discipline."

It's sort of ironic that she's complaining about being "violated."  What about the girls who were whipped and videotaped?

She was also seen on asking questions about getting Skype videoconferencing running on Ubuntu Linux.  Do we want to know what she was transmitting via webcam?  Probably not.

Because spanking is considered an acceptable way to discipline children, boundaries can get blurred.  Florida, where Pagoria lives, still permits corporal punishment in schools.  A number of books on child-rearing advocate spanking, and a few of the more extreme "Christian" ones even recommend doing it on the bare butt.  The problem is that for many people, spanking can also be a sexual thing.  For example, Robin Pagoria recalled drawing a picture of "a girl bent over a bed with paddles and belts lying beside here" when she was "about 13."

Update: a video of Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff, speaking about the case and Pagoria in court.  More information about her online behavior here.


  1. she was a bitch when i was just in there and she'll she get what she gets !!!!

  2. ok well that was me that said that ^^^^^^

  3. anyone know when her next court date is?

  4. Just to let you all know they have arressted the online boyfriend in Western Australia and is now going through the extradition process to be sent to america to face justice check out

  5. Thanks! Saw a lot of traffic from Australia and figured something was up. Wonder if he's been involved in victimizing any other kids?

  6. Hot! I'd like to spank her.

  7. He will never get extradited. He will most likely be charged with possession of CP and whatever else they can muster in Australia, but not in the US unless he was physically located in the US when the crimes took place. You cannot be convicted of a US crime if you were not on US soil when the crime was committed!

  8. Do you know when Robin Pagoria's next court date is?
    Absolutely nothing else comes up on the internet when I google it.
    Did she lose custody of her own children?


  9. She got a life sentence. I know a minor was involved but that is still harsh