Monday, May 9, 2011

Sexual Predators Share Disturbing Images on Facebook

Fox News New York had a story about Facebook users sharing child pornography.
FBI officials describe illegal photo sharing on social networks as "rampant." Nickolas Savage, assistant security chief of the FBI's cyber division, says pedophiles exchanging pictures on social networks can feed a vicious cycle.
"They can meet other people like themselves, and go off and validate their behavior," Savage says. "When they trade with others there's always a sense they need more material."
Child predators even steal innocent pictures of children that could come from their parent's Facebook profiles and unlocked photo albums.
Stolen or illegal images can be reported to Facebook right on the site. The company removes them. But Bechard thinks the company should do more.
They shut somebody out, but they don't lock the door," he says. "They just come back right in as another profile, putting up the same images and trading the same information with other pedophiles."
This is consistent with what we've seen.  For example, "Jimmy Lemoni" (ab)uses the social network to create a new group dedicated to child pornography.  For obvious reasons, the URL has been redacted.

His friend "Ddeby Cchrm" came back with a new account very quickly after Facebook shut down the previous one.  Given the interests, it probably shouldn't be too surprising that "Ddeby" also seems to be involved in the group that Jimmy was advertising.


  1. Its about time someone exposed facebook's darkside. Although credit should be given when its due, I don't believe enough has been done to exposue this epidemic of online facebook child sex predators, and the beginnings of child predator-like mentalities young people are displaying on facebook. It seems as if societies have slowly downgraded into a world of sex and depravity which all can be viewed at your local facebook distributor! Get it people? Facebook is everywhere! It is a virus bound on the destruction of modern and civil societies! Think about this little tidbit of information: In seven months, from July 2010 until Jan. 2011, facebook registered active users increased by 100 milion people! "Holy WTF! Batman," That is 600 million people facebook has under its control and the numbers just steadily keep going up and up and up!

  2. I'm not sure that it's a case of Facebook having 600 million people under its control. The child pornography problem shows that there are a lot of users that Facebook doesn't have much control over at all. Dealing with abuse consumes time (and therefore money). That's the downside of having hundreds of millions of accounts. If even 1/2 of 1% of them are abusive, and there are 500 million users, that would be 2.5 million problem accounts. I wondered if Facebook was initially like "Yay! We now have x million users!" and then later realized that this meant they also had increasing numbers of spammers, scammers, and child porn traders.

  3. Well yes they do, (facebook is looking at numbers alright, they are looking at how much revenue facebook generates and ultimately that is its only reason for its existence, the all-mighty-dollar.) Here are links to financial news reports concerning facebooks numbers in the stock-market:
    The media barely wants to discuss child predators on facebook, why? I am telling you FACEBOOK IS EVERYWHERE!!!
    "Like" us on facebook, F#$k that, like me in person!

  4. I just wanted to add one other note: I find it almost to the point of ridiculous insanity that these people looking for or sponsoring these "" and their open and blatant advertising of "child exploitation," what they are interested in or looking for, can be so easily accessible on facebook! Whatever name people give it, "Child porn, kiddy porn, ensest, child models, the entire gamut of code names and mis-spellings," equal CHILD EXPLOITATION/RAPE AND TORTURE. I get tired of hearing politicians and people in authority preaching "Save the Children," "They are our Future" and this happens in an open social media environment, with no no one directing traffic. As long as it puts money in their pockets, why should they care?! There is a news article out now about parents letting more of their children on facebook. It doesnt take a town to raise a child anymore - - - all you need is facebook!

  5. is a different social network that is not controlled by Facebook. They also have problems with people trading CP - they either set up new groups or hijack inactive groups.