Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chris Wittwer

Chris Wittwer has gotten some press for posting names, photos, and addresses of registered sex offenders in the UK on his website.  He's named his group "Children Have Rights in Society."  The first letters of this spell out "C.H.R.I.S."  As in his name.  Of course, one problem with this is that pedophiles sometimes like to talk about "children's rights" too.  As in claiming that children should have the "right" to have sex with adults.  It's surprising that someone who claims to be very knowledgeable about online predators would not have known that.

He's had some legal issues related to anger management problems at football games and other locations.  It's unclear whether he will face charges related to posting prohibited information about a notorious juvenile offender's alleged new identity on his website.  Perhaps it's not too surprising that there's a large "Make a Donation" button that appears at the top of every page on his site, including that one.  There are also frequent requests for funds on the C.H.R.I.S. Facebook page.  Although the site has a plethora of links, there's no information about how much money the organization raises or where it goes.  C.H.R.I.S. even displays an animated graphic of a burning candle to honor children who have died of abuse.  How could one be so cynical and unmoved as to ask questions about the lack of financial transparency?  That would be almost as crass as asking about the origin of the fire that burned down the pub he used to run.

Mr. Wittwer also claims that he's been "attacked three times near his home" by sex offenders he's put on his site.  Child molesters are often wimps that avoid confrontation with adults, so it's rather amazing that there would have been three attacks.

Chris Wittwer actually has been involved in a fair amount of online conflict.  But is it really just a matter of him being targeted by online predators?  Based on screenshots someone sent me, it doesn't look like it.  He's essentially encouraging members of his group to mass-report another Facebook group called "Sexual abuse must stop."  Is this group preying on children or even violating Facebook's policies?  Not that I could see.  But it did contain some people that Chris didn't like.  Presumably, that was enough.

Update: he's apparently dedicated an entire page on his website to bashing another activist he's been feuding with, along with the guy's friends.  Although he certainly has a right to his opinions, the page raises some questions about the purpose of the site and organization.  He claims to be fighting child exploitation and "naming and shaming" pedophiles, and is collecting donations online to support this activity.  But none of the people shown on the page have ever been charged with crimes, let alone sex offenses.  If his site is going to be a mismash of sex offender information copied from other sources and people that he personally dislikes, shouldn't he be more honest with the donors?


  1. I do not give much credibility to anyone person or any groups of individuals which can not spell correctly, nor is their choice of words a natural flow. It seems contrived and fake. Sex predators committing acts of violence against so-called protectors of children? In the immortal words of John Stossel, "Give me a break."

  2. wow what a brilliant blog - only you seem to have all your facts wrong. keep trying ! ive fought against paedophiles for nearly 3 years , and i gotta say you are equally annoying as them. and just as sick ! You dont support my webiste ? what reason would that be for then Edna burton ? was it because your ex husband is a paedophile ???????

  3. I agree a brilliant blog, helped to nail Robert Hull and a few others, you'd think you'd be grateful for the advertising for your site here and the fact that this person is really doing something about anti-child abuse. Anybody giving out about this blog who claims to be anti-child abuse is a complete disgrace to all activists everywhere. Shame on you whoever you are. Your website just copies and posts stuff other people write the only skill you seem to have is the ability to copy things and from what I have read you have the abiltiy to lead gutter trash and scum to do your bidding. I read your website and see you want to be the head honcho the man in charge of the entire UK anti-child abuse campaign well mister you can't force people to follow you, you might convince trash to follow you but real serious campaigners will not stand for your bullyboy tactics. From what I have read here your days as a campaigner are coming to an end and good riddance to bad rubbish.

  4. Anonymous@5:47 - That's interesting that you're claiming that the "facts" in the entry are wrong, since there are links to news stories that document some of the things I've posted. Or are you claiming that the news is also inaccurate?

    However, your comment does illustrate something important about the way you think. You're claiming that the blog post is "equally as annoying" as pedophiles. OK, let's get this straight - you think that a blog post that is critical of your organization is as much of a problem as someone who sexually abuses a child? You claim to be an advocate for children, yet you really don't understand why someone hurting a child is a much bigger deal than someone saying something you don't like?! Unbelievable. As a character in a play said, "No matter how cynical I get, it's never enough to keep up."

    You also seem to believe that the only reason someone would not support your website is that s/he must be a pedophile or close to one. Dizzying leap of logic, and wrong again, Do you really not understand that you've turned off a lot of people for a lot of reasons by now?

  5. From all the info I have seen around the web and the way he talks I've come to the conclusion that he is a very sadly ill human in desperate need of immediate and extensive therapy.

    I used to support him all the way but then I realized something was not right... I hope people open their eyes and start doing research of their own. So much negative media regarding his violent persona and shady escape to Thailand (home sweet home for paedophiles!.

    I am totally against sickos but I will NOT stand by a man who mistreats people who think different, who offends women, who never apologizes for his multiple mistakes. I can't trust a hooligan, ever! I will never give money to a man who never answers any questions and blocks you if he feels too uncomfortable to be upfront (He is always covering his ass and even deletes comments that expose him in order to keep his sheeple fooled). Not to mention he left his wife bankrupt...

    How can people be so blind! Do your research people, seriously. Inform yourselves!

    Great job with this blog, I am glad there are people like you in this world. Keep exposing the sickos (CW included).

  6. Joh Gormley is a nonce !

  7. Fascinating ... the anonymous comments at 5:47 and 10:53 both came from . You seem to have a pattern of trying to smear people who say things you don't like by calling them pedophiles, regardless of whether they've ever expressed any kind of sexual interest in children. This doesn't exactly help your credibility. If you really can't see any difference between people who criticize your behavior and people who sexually abuse children, you're far too narcissistic and divorced from reality to function as a child advocate.

  8. Admin I can provide you with more screen caps of his attacking people without proof if you like. His abusive attacks on women who have lost their children. His calling people paedophiles/child abusers/nonces without proof or reason. His attacks on the anti-child abuse campaign and on survivors of the same abuse. This man is sick and really ought to be jailed for this type of harassment.

  9. He also has numerous profiles which cause trouble everywhere they go and could reaslly use someone going to facebook and doing him a bloody good clean out of all his alts/pages/groups and going through his administrators as well would also be a good thing. This man needs to be silenced.

  10. Anon 11:37 - sure, just send them to .

  11. Anon 11:41 . Not sure about silencing him. I'm from the US and we like our freedom of speech. Of course, people also have the right to exercise their freedom of speech by expressing their opinions about him. As far as the multiple accounts, it does seem rather hypocritical of him to maintain multiple accounts while asking his followers to mass-report other users for violating FB's policies.



    I had a friend of mine who is a psychologist and she thinks he has to be the worst actor ever. Since he is so big into naming and shaming abusers (or anybody who dares to stand up to his bullying ways) why has he not named his own one?

    Since he has lied so much in recent days I'd be inclined to think he will say his abuser is dead or something.

    That video made me sick, this man said not so long ago smoking in from on children was abuse of them and there he is is in a small room smoking with a 13 year old child beside him.

    You are not only a bad person to have involved with anti-child abuse but you are going to set things back for everybody with your witch hunt.

    Bill is an award winning film maker certainly but I'd doubt he'd ever be able to convince anybody important to talk to him as it is hard to talk to people when they insist on shouting at you.

  14. my website will come back shortly as soon as I have a new US server and they have transferred the 13,000 files we have on the site. You EDNA BURTON, SHELLEY FLETCHER, JOHN GORMLEY, SARAH FOX, CODY PORTER and KATE SWIFT are all paedophile lovers.

  15. Who ever you are Anonymous its you who is sick and weak otherwise you would comment under your own name lol though i can guess who this is anyway sad git these woman have done and will continue to rich greater hieghts than you could ever do... so come on sign your name COWARD !!!!

  16. Chris Wittwer is a violent thug with more than one conviction for serious offences. On one occasion he broke someone's jaw. He was up in court at the beginning of the year for another violent offence (for which I still believe he is awaiting sentencing owing to issues with his co-defendants although I may be wrong there).

    However, he has bitten off more than he can chew here, I think. He clearly doesn't understand the law as he seems to think that the injunction prohibiting the outing of Venables and Thompson only applies to media outlets. In fact it applies to individuals publishing on blogs/talkboards/discussion sites also. (And that includes him).

    Contrary to what he thinks, it is also an injunction which is CONTRA MUNDUM. That means the ban is worldwide. Now while there may be legal technicalities in various countries which mean that it is not strictly unlawful to publish, most jurisdictions will respect the injunction - INCLUDING the USA. If they didn't, don't you think details would have been revealed by now (certainly Thompson's details have been known by the media for quite a few years).

    He's just a narcissitic thug with no respect for the law.

  17. I don't even thing he has the details of the other offender in this case as he claims. I think he's suffering from some sort of psychological disorder where he probably believes his own crap. Some sort of superiority complex mixed with narcissitic tendencies. It's his way of empowering himself.

    He's a nasty piece of work and, judging by the repulsive violent comments on his page, I'm in doubt that a good proportion of his admirers are equally dubious individuals.

  18. Chris and his supporters, name and shame themselves perfectly. Any journalist taking on the task of investigating this ex-convict, will find lie after lie. Any journalist who attempts at making contact though his facebook group, will see just how he deals with questions. He doesn't answer, he calls you a paedophile lover and then blocks you from further contact. Way to go Chris, you're only a CREDIT to other thugs like yourself.

  19. Some people have suggested he is a racist thug as well, National Front supporter and an English Defence League supporter which would be borne out by the first post of this thread on his C.H.R.I.S. page.

    This thread starts off well with,

    "This is not a racist blog"

    However carries on with

    "Almost 97% of all rapes and child grooming in the UK that was committed by muslims,resulted in a white girl under 16 being abused"

    If that is not racist I don't know what is!

  20. Another link with a poster threatening to burn buildings down.


  21. He is a thoroughly disgusting individual.

    That he attracts fellow knuckle-dragging inadequates who clearly revel in thought of violence is no surprise. Next time he is involved in an act of thuggery, I hope he is given an IPP (even though, generally, I am against indefinate sentences).

    To be honest, I feel my children would be more at risk from hooligan criminals like him given to random acts of violence, than sex offenders who are being monitored by the police.

  22. Hi

    as an ex supporter of that man I am not suprised at what ever he does. A lepard doesn't change its spots once a bully always a bully.
    I am however concerned that he is inciting violence in such a way he will be keeping his own hands clean, apart from breaking the Injunction imposed on him last week. I have been informed that he has released the whereabouts of bail hostels and halfway houses, isnt that inciting violence against the criminals who reside in these places? I read the Muslin story in total disblief, of course its racist! I also see he has released details of where Jon Venables was held as a child. If that place is still operating and young offenders are there, I would like to ask, isnt that putting those young offenders at risk? Isn't that agaisnt what he stands for, he is surposed to be against putting children in danger, unless I am missing a vital point? I dont think so. At the end of the day those young offenders are still children!

  23. @Anonymous 2:54 what is it that makes you think that sex offenders who are being monitored by the police are less of a danger to children? paedophiles target children specifically.

  24. The C.H.R.I.S. idiot is nothing but an ignorant thug and a fraud. This is not about protecting kids, but about a jumped up bully thug wanting to be in the spotlight & try to legitimise his bullying by targeting a despised group of people that nobody will want to defend. He can't speak or spell properly, but never overestimate the great British public as there are plenty of other idiots wanting to follow him and even give him a medal! And if he really was sexually abused himself, why won't he name his 'abuser'?? Because there's no such person and the thug is a fraud who needs to climb back under his rock.

  25. @ Anonymous 12:23 'what is it that makes you think that sex offenders who are being monitored by the police are less of a danger to children?'

    I didn't say they weren't a danger at all. But most child sexual abuse is committed by either a family member or a close associate. Stranger abuse is extremely rare. I think we are harming children by making them scared of any adult they come into contact with and destroying their development by making them pathetically risk averse.

    Personally, I'm more scared of traffic when my child goes out on his own.

    And I largely trust the police to monitor convicted sex offenders. Yes some go missing but very few out of the thousands that are registered. You can't have a completely risk-free society. What I do not trust is a violent criminal who advocates taking the law into one's own hands.

  26. Chris Wittwer is a violent criminal only masquerading as a children's advocate (though he's such a stupid thuggish prick that he wouldn't understand what that means). Strange that he took up the child abuse banner after returning from a solo holiday to Thailand, known worldwide as a paradise for child molesters.....

  27. Chris Wittwer is a liar, a fraud and a conman. He's also a convicted criminal and a racist and those who support him are a bloody disgrace. THEY are just as big a threat to the public as the people they expose.

  28. Has Chris Wittwer ever tried getting a job (or volunteering) with children? Something tells me the CRB check (multiple convictions for violent offences including a currently unspent one) would bar him from working with vulnerable people. Repulsive human being. And his admirers are no better - a load of delinquent morons getting their rocks off on thoughts of extreme violence.

  29. Chris Wittwer is the LAST person that children need speaking out on their behalf. He's an illiterate, vile criminal whose sole purpose is to legitimise his thuggery and lead his hooligan army into further acts of violence under the guise of protecting children. The hyena is trying to run the zoo.

  30. @ ANNON 2.24

    That is a very valid point, he wouldnt be able to work with vunerable people, therefore what right has to host a website claiming to be protecting the vunerable. Isnt that a total contradiction?

  31. Dont people on cw's group wall realise that venables is in fact in prison now? One woman is claiming he is living in Cheshire, another claims Thompson is living in Witby. Chris said so it must be true. I havent seen CW correct these women, or point out than Venables in is prison, some poor guy is going to get a beating in Cheshire for looking a little like Venables.

  32. He's full of nonsense. His revelation about Venables was nothing of the sort - those images and that information have been cirulating for the best part of a year (or at least since the case hearing last July). It's his usual tactic of reposting stuff taken from other sources and passing it off as his own.

    As for Thompson, it is becoming more evident that he was likely lying about knowing where he was. For one, he claims Thompson is living in the North East - I think this is almost certainly untrue from what we know about Venables (after release he was placed less than five miles from where he was held in custody for eight years).

    We know some small things about Robert Thompson and his life and I think it is possible to guess where he lives. And it is not North East England.

  33. Let's have a look at Chris Wittwer's record then shall we since he is so fond of exposing other people's crimes?

    At the moment, he is facing sentencing for affray for an extremely violent incident (which he pleaded guilty to) in May last year. Apparently this involved vulnerable victims and was a crime which had many aggravating features according to the judge.

    In May 2007, He was given a 12 month prison sentence suspended for two years for his a violent assault which led to the victim's jaw being broken after being punched in the stomach and kicked repeatedly. Wittwer himself had punched him violently in the head. The Judge said "This is the second time you have been involved in gratuitous and unprovoked violence against completely innocent strangers. In this case the victim was minding his own business and you picked on him. He sustained a serious jaw fracture at the hands of another man which would not have happened if you had not started the fight."

    In 2006, he was convicted of a public order offence because he didn't report to the police during a world cup game which he had to do under a banning order he was issued with in 2004.

    In 2004 he was convicted of a public order offence after an extremely serious bout of football violence involving himself and a whole gang of other likeminded yobs.

    The man is a public menace. Probably more so than anyone who is being strictly monitored by the police.

  34. The guy is an idiot and a yob.

    But in my opinion his slavish followers are worse because they don't even seem to 'get' the type of person he is. A viciously violent no-mark who seems to be very unlucky with burning pubs. They are too dumb to understand that he couldn't give a flying hoot about kids really - he just a weirdo who has wishes to be adored by a load of similar uneducated pondlife with torture fantasies.

    What if he is sent to prison when he is sentenced (in a few weeks I think)? Are they going to hold candlelight vigils with banners saying 'Free Chris' and 'Football Hooligans Against Paedos'?

  35. Yes, that is definitely a racist article!


    Mein Kampf: "I am referring to the general view of ethics and morals which was quite openly exhibited by a large part of the Jews, and the practical application of which could be seen. Here again the streets provided an object lesson of a sort which was sometimes positively evil. The relation of the Jews to prostitution, and, even more, to the white-slave traffic, could be studied in Vienna as perhaps in no other city of Western Europe, with the possible exception of the southern French ports. If you walked at night through the streets and alleys of Leopoldstadt, at every step you witnessed proceedings which remained concealed from the majority of the German people until the War gave the soldiers on the eastern front occasion to see similar thing, or, better expressed, forced them to see them."

    Mein Kampf: "I now saw the liberal attitude of this press in a different light; the lofty tone in which it answered attacks and its method killing them with silence now revealed itself to me as a trick as clever as it was treacherous . . . "

    Much discussion about Wittwer's racism and other Wittwer-related matters have taken place on this group: You'll have to request to join, but it shouldn't take long.

  36. Wittwer claims to have been abused as a child and that the photos of him being abused are on a pedophile site, is this guy for real? How far is he prepared to go? Why hasn;t his abuser been named and furthermore his story of abuse does not add up, even 30yrs ago a child turning up to school, bruised and wearing no shoes, do we not think that something would have been said and done? What about Wittwer's parents didnt they see the need to alert social services, the school, anyone? Its written like a tale and that is what is nothing more than a tale......shame on you!

  37. wittwer = liar bully a disgrace to anti child abuse!! Playing on the sympathy vote, posting all this shit on his wall about suicide, depression, taking off for a few days to reconect with himself, ha no doubt try and catch up with the lies, time out granted! please take forever.

  38. you lot are absolutely full of shit.The majority of points you have made have no evidence watsoever, and Im a supporter and I am friends with others who support the group. Generally the group is made up of parents and survivors of abuse. How dare you make out we are all deranged morons who get our rocks off on thoughts of extream violence, how narrow minded are you???? Chris wittwer is not a perfect man but regardless of his past I would 100% trust him with my child. i believe he names and shames not for fame or money but for a greater good. Makes me wonder why you have gone to this much trouble to discredit a worthy campaign. There are some very strange people around and they seem to all be on here spreading negative slander per usual yawnnnn

  39. Anonymous 10.46

    It is the present we are talking about not the past.

    He has the name of one man on his site plus his old home address (he lives else where) which has been attacked several times, windows broken and their car vandalised.

    The daughter of the woman has begged him to remove the address.

    He says he will remove the address if she gives him the new address which she rightly refused.

    A campaign run by a complete liar and scumbag cannot be a worthy regardless of the numbers of people who click buttons to like his page.

    His attacks on survivors and real campaigners cannot be tolerated.

  40. 'How dare you make out we are all deranged morons who get our rocks off on thoughts of extream violence, how narrow minded are you?'

    We've all seen the comments on the site. I would saying calling people 'morons who get [their] rocks off on thoughts of extreme violence' is bang on the mark.

    'I would 100% trust him with my child.'

    Do you think, given his criminal record and past (and present) violent offences, he would make it past the application phase for working a youth centre or school? Do you think he would be allowed to foster children?

    'There are some very strange people around and they seem to all be on here spreading negative slander'

    Slander would imply it is untrue (and in any case, that would be incorrect as slander is SPOKEN defamation, a written and recorded defamation is libel). But there is no defamation here. Chris Wittwer is a violent offender considered so dangerous by the police that he was barred from attending any football match for four years.

    He recently pleaded guilty to a violent offence just last year where there were vulnerable persons present.

  41. Anyone with half a brain, an ounce of decency and any respect for the rule of law knows exactly what kind of a man this despicable wretch is. His followers seem to think it is OK to go around beating the living daylights out of people as long as you publically shout from the rooftops how much you hate paedos.

    He's a disgrace and, frankly, I'm ashamed to give him keyboard time.

  42. I'm not gonna bother going through individual points that you keep bringing up I am not even gonna attempt to write in the patronising manner that you all do. All I am saying it that you were all a large part of chris wittners campaign and your problem is that once until you argued with him you had a big role, people praised you and looked up too you. However now that as gone you are feeling angry bitter and looking for someone to attack. Instead of discrediting good work why don't you put all that energy into something constructive and that you were actually good at, campaigning again for childrens rights. People will look up to you again for your hard work re child abuse and you've proved to yourselves and others that your work is just as valuable as chris wittners work. Just a thought turn a negative into a positive x

  43. I was never part of his campaign for and not for one minute do I think CW work is valuable. As a bystander in this, I could never contemplate joining a campaign which in all fairness is the work of others. What his followers seem to miss are the facts, chris does nothing for anti child abuse he passes his web site off as his own work which in fact is copy and paste from newspaper articles. Chris claimed he only got his information from court records so he could be 100 per cent sure the facts were correct. In recent cases, he has named and shamed people on the same day or the day after they have been in court, no court records would be available to the public in that amount of time. A Hampshire paedophile was named via a newpaper article which was totally copied word for word on the very day he had been in court, alarm bells ringing yet? Are you seriously expecting us to believe that court records were used? On that note how many more so called sex offenders have been named and shamed in this way? There is no credibility to his name and shame campaign. I have watched how he treats people, how he talks down to them, how he demands people respect him and many of those people have been survivors of abuse in some form or another, what gives him the right to decide who is who, if he isnt comfortable with someone or someone asks questions or has a different opinion as him, he accuses them of being fake, a troll or even a paedo lover or worse still a nonce! He has NO right to label people he doesnt no or has even bothered to take the time to get to know. At the above poster, you to are presuming that the people who have posted here have been in with the chris campaign, what gives you that idea? Cant people who have watched from the sidelines have a voice?

  44. I feel the majority of the public do not give a damn if court records have been used or not. If the papers whom have been at the court print a story and the person has been sentenced for peodophilia and now has to spend time within a prison, that is enough to name and shame them. People don't care if he copies or pastes others work as long as child abuse awareness is the forefront of any campaign, all child activists do the same thing they share information. I have never witnessed him putting people down he seems busy and pretty short in his replies but I can only imagine that's because he is busy. I'm looking in from the sidelines like you but I do not see wat you see. You are as much as me entitled to your opinion it's just recently he has a lot of people hating on him and that would any person grind ya down, and that ain't fair because although you don't think his work is valuable many do. The one thing I feel shud be promoted more is a more positive fighting spirit to people whom are now survivors of abuse. However I understand the need for people to need sympathy.

  45. 'he has a lot of people hating on him'

    Being a violent yob often has that effect. It should be noted this idiot is on a 'list' himself - of known thugs who engage in football violence. He's also clearly a racist.

  46. I believe people can change, I know people exactly the same who enjoy nothing more than having a pint and a fight every weekend unfortunately that's the real world doesn't make em a monster makes em human and occasionally stupid. They can still be people with good hearts who achieve great things. Shane byrant bill Mahoney or chris wittwer do not fit the middle classes definition of how a campaigner should look behave or talk but who cares???? They highlight an issue that is continuously shoved under the carpet. I think the pettiness is going to far after researching John gormley I can see to be labelled a pedophile is an absolute lie and out of order, he does amazing work and although it appears he don't like praise i think he's an unsung hero I really do. So John if you have a link for a fb group pass it over I have seen a page but because of the hatred between John and chris feel I will no longer be welcome in either group so am reluctant to join but would like to see wat youve achieved I want to support both cos I admire both. Don't understand why you don't all just call it quits tbf wasting time on slating is wasting time on something that really makes a difference to childrens lives preventing them pain for a lifetime. Xx

  47. 'I believe people can change'

    Shame Chris Wittwer has shown no sign of changing yet. He is still awaiting sentencing for a fairly recent offence.

    Also, does your belief that 'people can change' extend to other types of offenders? If so, I find it strange that you would support lawless vigilantism which is what Whittwer and his followers appear to condone.

  48. Wittwer and his worshippers are a bunch of delusional hypocrites. Wittwer is a violent criminal - we know that but a cursory glance at the posts on his facebook page show that a good many of his supporters lean the same way (or at least have strong violent impulses).

  49. Looking at the comments on wittwers page, who are these 10 people? Why would they be running scared? Why is wittwer inciting reactions by sayin 'BRING IT ON' Bring what on?

  50. He's living in a distorted reality - one in which he can perhaps justify his own violent criminality. I mean, violence against paedos is deserved hey?

    He needs psychiatric help. From his posts, I would say there is a good chance he is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


    In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:

    Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) - This is clear from his site itself which makes false claims (almost everything is plagiarised from other sources).

    Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    Requires excessive admiration (you couldn't get more exessive than some of the loons who follow him).

    Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations (if you don't agree with him, you are a 'paedo lover).

    Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends (just look how he uses victims in order to fulfill his own agenda).

    Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others (Wittwer is a persistent violent offender)

    Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her (look how he treats people from other anti-abuse organisations like S.A.M.S).

    Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    And you couldn't get more narcissistic than naming your organisation after yourself!!!

  51. I give up will leave ya all to your continous bitchiness regarding chris wittwer. The bring it on you talk about is obviously a " I ain't gonna let ya drag me down" not exactly carrying on petty squabbling. you make yourselves look bad for carrying the pettiness on.... eh if that's what you find fulfilling so be it. x

  52. 'I ain't gonna let ya drag me down'

    He should say that to the judge at Exeter Crown Court when he gets sentenced.

  53. I think Chris Wittwer thinks that he will get a suspended sentence for his last offence.

    Looking at the sentencing case law, I would be wary of getting too cocky about that! All the cases they feature for affray ended up with custodial sentences up to 1 year (the maximum penalty is three years).

    And it should be noted that the sentencing was referred to Crown Court because the magistrates didn't have the sentencing power proportionate to the offence (magistrates can only give custodials up to six months apart from special cases where they can give 12 months sentences).

    Wittwer also has strict bail conditions (including not going into the town centre for several hours before and after a football match and he is banned from attending any football match at all himself).

    Breaching an injuction as he did with Venables is not going to serve him well when he comes before the judge given that he was on bail when he did it. Judges (rightly or wrongly) tend to take quite a dim view of Contempt of Court as they often feel it is a direct attack on their authority.

    Moreover, the fact that he has past violent convictions is going to go against him in sentencing. Additionally, the prosecutor has already mentioned the aggravating factors in the offence (group action, threats, lengthy incident, vulnerable persons present - it would be ironic if these vulnerable persons were children).

    In short, Wittwer may be 'indisposed' to post on his website soon because he may find himself serving Her Majesty's Prison Service.

  54. Anonymous 10.45

    It is very hard to get on with my own work when Chris Wittwer is attacking survivors of abuse.

    I work with abuse survivors and they are sickened by what he has been doing these last few months.

    There are a lot of very angry people out there.

    Only 2 days ago he told me the reason I do the work I do is so I can get indecent pictures of children.

    Is this the kind of man who should be in charge of an anti-child abuse campaign, I certainly do not think so.

    Here is the screen cap of the message, and I have the original notifications in my e-mail to prove they came from him.

  55. John, me and a friend have been having a nosey on the FB page (what is a paedophile?) and i wont lie, i found it after i saw it getting bad press from certain ppl and to be honest, i (also my friend) were very suprised by what we saw and read, it is actually an interesting page and i think the topics and debates and the way this subject is approached, is excellent, and the 1 thing that does stand out is the lack of bitchyness and how you dont drift off onto random shit, you keep it focused on the actual reason it was created, as for yourself im afraid i was lead to believe you were very different from what i/we have seen for ourselves, the messages back and forth between myself and friend as we read more on the group wall, were of the same opinion, that the seed that was planted in regard to the name "john gormley" was a seed of bullshit! we are now trying to work out what chris w has against you (personally) i/we are on the lines of is it a case of jealously, over the fact that you are in there, doing the dirty work , hands on, at what ever means are nessecary to nail these fuckers and you are actually STOPPING abuse, you have ACTUALLY made a differance, at what cost you dont appear to dwell on either as the mental strain of what you must of heard and come across dont bear thinkin about, your work should be respected not your character slated, we had no idea this is what we would find, we expected the total opposite and im glad curiosity got the better of us and we looked in on you..........

  56. Hi Anonymous 8.33

    Thank you for your vote of confidence and your ability to see through the crap being bandied about about me........and there is an awful lot of it going about.

    The mental strain we go through is nothing compared to what the kids go through so I won't dwell on that except to say every member of our little group has had many a sleepless night and we have seen our sickest nightmares posted on the safe social networking site.

    We are not the only ones who are doing this work however we have involved media, bloggers have approached LE, have approached politicians one of our number Marcelino Madrigal (admin here has a link to him down the end I think) has had his personal work discussed by the Spanish Government.

    Our work is about making a change in the social networking sites if we can get one or 2 of them to really stamp down hard on child sexual abuse then kids WILL be saved because the demand will not be there.

    I heard of a group where you can order a child to be abused in any particular way you choose (Paypal included), stamping down hard on the whole area will definitely save some kids, it just has to.

    You can have all the rallys you want but it won't save a single child if nobody important is looking.

    That is where we work we have found thousands of links to bad profiles and have proved it is as easy to find these guys, the same people we hunted 2 months ago are still doing it now so we talk to people we try to get them to see what facebook is really like.

    What you see here on the blog is the mildest of stuff and the blogger cannot get into the really bad areas.

    We work in the dark side of facebook but it is not as dark as the blind indifference that some in this world treat child abuse.

  57. There is a rally June 4th for child abuse issues in London, this week chris wittner has been posting links re IRA and their attempts to attack him for naming and shaming the leader of the ira, surely if your trying to get the message out there about chris wittwers funding and other scandalous behaviours. You as in opposition to chris shud be telling people who are attending the rally they are at threat of attack by the IRA seems as it's a public place with mothers children and activists attending. Should this event be going ahead due to the IRA's interest in chris wittwers naming and shaming of their leader. Last thing I would want on my conscious is people not to be aware that attending the rally could result in death due to the threats chris STATES he received from them.

  58. Just wondering wat LE is John x and whether you have a group not just a page x

  59. Anonymous said...
    Wittwer claims to have been abused as a child and that the photos of him being abused are on a pedophile site

    How does he know that?

  60. This Chris Wittwer is an odious piece of pondlife only a few rungs higher than the paedos he exposes.

  61. @ANON 1.42

    That is the question, how does he know and why hasnt he got the police to take the site down or at least the pictures? Does he frequent pedophile sites? Do these pictures really exsist? What happened to the other victim in his abuse story? Does he seriously expect people to believe his story? Thats how it comes across as a badly written story for a crap tv drama or cheap film!

    On another note, he wants people to share his website, perhaps people have has enough of his relentless rants at people who dont agree with him. Is he really doing anything to stop child abuse? Does he arrange his own rallies, or will he continue to hijack other's rallies?

    Is he again after the sympathy voice, working hours on the site and then working night shifts to make ends meet? A REAL ANTI CHILD ABUSE ACTIVIST would even ask that question! He would just get on with what he belives in! Or is it more of a popularity vote? SAD !

    Bit of advice Chris, take a chill pill get over yourself, hey it might work ;)

  62. Anonymous 3.02

    LE = Law Enforcement

    The page which lists some of the stuff we have been at.

    When we get a bad guy arrested we put them in here.

  63. LE = Law Enforcement

    The group is secret

  64. i gota agree with ira comment, personally i think chris w is tryin 2step his game up and increase the public support/kiss arse'in he receives, if u have received 50 death threats etc why the fuk post shit about the ira n drag it up, then post 4 a rally, does he think people like the ira only say threats not carry them out, he has played this 2 make ppl think how brave he is, bollox! i also think the story regarding the interview with annon who lived in secure unit with venables is bollox 2, he wrote it, reason i say this, this annon person states how staff were with venables, other kid prisoners were with him etc etc, BUT THEN said, i didnt even no it was him, till i saw the pics and info on your site! totally contradicts everything that annon had said earlier in "interview" which couldnt have been true if as he said didnt even no venables was venables until chris w website enlightened him! WHAT A COINCIDENCE THAT IS, ALL PRAISE TO CHRIS THEN IS IT???? i am day by day losing the will to live in that group, there are some lovely ppl on there BUT when somebody asked yesterday i think it was, what the actual goals were and what actually was chris's plan ov action and what was being done to make a change were child abuse woz concerned, i no fact she wasnt impressed or happy, as nobody could actually answer it i dont think! i want 2 b part ov something that makes a difference not part ov something that makes a noise but achieves nothing, and thats what im seeing!

  65. Annonymous may 18 2011 3.02pm....... le _ law enforcement,

    re the pics of chris w abuse being posted on a site it seems to me that the king of name and shame would in turn name and shame said site which they appear but no there is nothing to show this is true.

  66. i think from what i can gather he is implying that the person who posted pics of him, then informed him of it (????????) a few posts above chris w, named certain ppl , 1 being kate swift... he doesnt mean the kate swift who did tangled web etc does he, surely 2 god??

  67. He doesn't give a toss about children's rights. All he wants is an audience to adore him and a pedestal to stand on. He probably only said he was abused himself to gain some credibility to offset his criminal record. Now that so many members of his fan club are deserting him, he's started throwing out anything he thinks might bring them back, such as saying that pics of 'his abuse' are on the internet - as a few commenters here have said, how did he discover these non-existent pics in the first place unless he was trawling child porn sites himself, and if it really was true, he'd add the so-called abuser's details to the list of those he keeps boasting he's named and shamed!! It looks to me like he's almost begging people to come back or to support him, looking for their sympathy and kudos for all the hours he says he's put into the site .... oh yes, and that's on top of a full time night job (burglary? robbing helpless old ladies?)!!!

    I personally suspect the motives of anyone who claims to be doing this only for children, especially someone with his history, unless they are working with the full support of the police and the law.

  68. It is understood that yes he meant that lady.

  69. I don't believe Chris Wittwer's stories about his alleged abusive childhood any more than I believe my mother's stories about heaven and hell.

    His followers are rather dim if they can't see that they are being lied to at every turn. By Wittwer's imagined history AND by his claims to own what he is putting on his site (practically all of it is copied from other sources).

    He is a criminal, a liar, a fraud and an insult to those who REALLY care about child abuse.

  70. i have been reading kates story etc on her site over last few days, thats why i thought he surely couldnt mean that kate! im fukin disgusted in him, he called her a paedophile lover! OMFG! i dont no the other names he included in that, except john gormleys name, which i have already said a few comments up, "the seed that was planted in regard to the name "john gormley" was a seed of bullshit!" ... what the fuck is he playin at, chris w? who the fuck does he actually think he is? i cant believe how much my (and a m8s) eyes have opened over the last wk, this whole CHRIS is a farce, a fukin joke, its no wonder shane n bill seem 2 be puttin a bigger gap between them and him! who is he 2 treat kate like that, its made my blood boil, best i stop writing! s.

  71. After reading the venables story I'll agree there are certainly some wild contradictions in there. Good point about the pics why not name and shame. I am shocked the rally June 4th in London is still to go ahead if CW claims he as received threats from them surely he has a responsibility to warn his followers!!!!! Who will be bringing their children and seems as he is fighting for children rights why put any child at risk. Praise money and glory can't be the only factors that CW believes in, how can you lie incite violence and rip people off and still be thought of as an hero. Insane world when people worship a wolf in sheepskin clothes.

  72. Chris w is claiming to have has another 2 people reconise offenders off his site, making the total 51 people who had no idea about someone in their lives. I find that stange as only last week the total was 39 confirmed cases, 39+2 does not add up to 51, another exageration.

    Why is he trying to get 500,000 likes on a page so he can lobby the government? Why that amount of people? What a sad attempt at boosting his own ego. His sheep are sharing the page everywhere involving people who have never heard of Chris. FARCE.Just like the rest of his campaign.

  73. i totally agree Anon- 12.47
    he has had ppl raise the question of what he is aiming to achieve, what is actually being done and how he plans getting there, and all of a sudden, he seems to be drowning everybody in success stories, his own story (again) and then out pops the 500,000 likes bollox, why that number exactly??? is it cuz he no's it will take time 2 reach this if ever, so his arse is covered for the for seeable future, his joeys will spread the word while he takes the glory, how the fuck will 500,000 likes on face book ALLOW him to lobby government?? u need to no exactly what u want to achieve by lobbying, u need to be clear about facts. Lobbying isn't about persuading people to do something by the force of your personality. It's about giving the right people the right information at the right time in the right way ... he is not capable of any of these! when he feels threatened he pulls more bullshit out the bag, and his fanclub fall for it no questions asked each n every time, the admins treatment of some ppl is disgusting and they really do think they are empowered some way by bein "the choosen" 1's!! s.

  74. Anon 6:16
    Agree. Wittwer does seem to be behaving like a cult leader and his followers are behaving like brainwashed fools.

  75. Who the hell is this prat? Breaking injunctions, naming a footballer, take it thats for the WOW factor look at me I'm Brave! So brave appears to have back down on naming Thompson, so much for the huge stance I am prepared to go to jail...

    Best place for him!

  76. Whether Chris Whittwer is a thug or not, he's getting the information out there, what are you doing?? Sitting on here bitching about him , that's what!!The paedophiles he profiles may already have been convicted but so what , it may bring to light more children who have lived in the areas they were, who have been abused by them, and possibly give people the courage to come forward. His campaign for longer sentences for convicted sex offenders and paedophiles, and NO name changes for the two child murderers is a worthy cause. Judges need to take a long hard look at themselves for the paltry sentences handed out in most cases. Children need to be protected against these predators. Being a football hooligan doesn't stop you having an opinion with regards to this. If Chris's abuser has not been convicted , he CAN'T name and shame him. To his doubters---how do you know he's not trying to find out where he is ? He is not a cult leader either, he is just a man trying his best to change the laws with regards to these individuals, he asked for support and he's getting it whether you like it or not. Have you lot done anything with regards to a change in the laws regarding sex offenders, paedophiles or child murderers? Do you really care if the laws are changed or not? Do you care about the welfare of children? I do !!!

  77. Anonymous 4:37

    Why has Chris not been to the police about his attacker since he is supposed to be an anti-child abuse campaigner? He caims his picture is on the net then surely it'd be child's play for the police to find out who put it up and get them done for posting child abuse. How did he know they were posting pictures of him has he been viewing it himself or has one of his friends. Either way they should be jailed for viewing child abuse images. Chris can do what ever he wants on his site as it is a personal site and not a public one. He threatened to name and shame a woman who had her kids taken off her. His respect for the law is absolutely zero and public opinion has rarely changed a law to a better one.

  78. How do you know he hasn't been to the police.? Perhaps it is being investigated as we speak. Perhaps his abuser or someone pretending to care about the welfare of kids has seen the photos and contacted him. You are full of how why's and where's but no real input or rational thinking. You see a football hooligan and think who gives him the right to care about kids? You say he has zero respect for the law, well I have no respect for the judges who hand out disgusting sentences to these perverts. I have plenty of respect for the police who tirelessly bring these people to court only to have their hopes dashed that they will be locked up for a very long time.

  79. As Venables is again on CHRIS. Could it be presumed that the guy in the grey hoody was infact a total stranger, and innocent man? How can Chris w sleep at night knowing a probable inocent man was falsely put on the CHRIS web site. The violent comments of killing Venables etc have already started, the post of Venable IS inciting VIOLENCE. Once again the violent undertone of the campaign is evident.

    @ anon 9.40am: Most people have the highest regard for the police and the job they do no question, but some of us hold the view CW does not. Making big bold exposures of people will not change laws, and to be honest who would take CW seriously after his total disregard of the injuction served on him, CW is not above the law nor is he the law, but a law unto himself. He would probably have more credabilty if he was tone down his high and mighty statuses and stuck to the facts of a crime, not add his own personal opinion, which again in most cases carries the violent undertones. You are entiled to your opinion but more people are waking up to the fact that CW believes he is a cult figure. His responses of late appear to be knee jerk reactions to his critics, 500,000 likes on a page to lobby the gov. Oh please!

  80. Fact is anon @ 9.40, a good deal of us simply don't believe Chris Wittwer. We think he is a liar amongst other things. We think he makes stories up (including his own history). He is also a violent offender who is awaiting sentencing for a serious crime. That crime involved violence and threatened violence with vulnerable people present. Given those facts, his authority to speak about crimes done to vulnerable groups is pretty close to zero.

    He is, to put it mildly, a pretty despicable human being.

  81. Anonymous 9.40

    The simple fact is most people I speak to do not believe he was ever abused.

    He accused the women of S.A.M.S. of stealing from the C.H.R.I.S. campaign even though it was their friends who donated the prizes and who told them to use them which ever way they saw fit.

    He told them to use the donations for a cancer charity but they decided to use them for what they were originally intended for which was to help anti-child abuse so he called them thieves.

    He posted on the C.H.R.I.S. wall that they were thieves and he posted on his own wall that they were thieves.

    Never bothers to provide proof of course.

  82. On May 15th 3.31 Anon states that Chris had no right to label people.
    Here are some of the labels people on here feel they have the right to put on Chris and some of his supporters.
    Anon, May15th 10:14pm --Racist
    Anon. May16th 3:04am -- They have strong violent impulses (supporters)
    Anon. May 16th 3:48am-- Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    Anon: May19th 6:38am--Odious piece of pondlife only a few rungs higher than paedos
    Anon May21st 4:19am--Asks two questions about his night shift-- Burglary? and Robbing helpless old ladies?
    Anon May21st 9:26am--Yes he is a criminal but labelled a liar, fraud and an insult to those who really care about child abuse
    Anon May21st 12:02pm--Wolf in sheepskin clothing
    Anon May22nd 6:16pm--The chosen 1
    Anon May22nd 10:16pm-- Cult leader. Supporters are labelled Brainwashed fools
    Anon May23rd 12:55 Cult figure.

    These are just some of the labels used, if I've missed any of your labels I appologise, but would just like to say "pot calling kettle and all that ". Would also like to say I have never been brainwashed and I have never been violent towards anyone or made any comments with regards to violence on any site I have been on.

  83. For a person who is so against paedophiles he seems to be protecting his own abuser. OK if it was being investigated I seriously dont believe he would be posting his own story, until the investigation was complete. HMMM! stop and think awhile........still thinking?

    If you have thought about it and read the story, can you now see the holes? Insult to real survivours of sexual abuse.

    Lets move on to him(cw)his own posting here naming certain women, and calling a man a nonce....responsible behaviour? No.

    Now onto rallies, has he ever done his own? No.
    Has he mentioned doing his own? No.

    Has he warned people of the possible consquences of his actions of naming people in the IRA. No. Yet he is pushing a very public rally in London. Responsible actions? No.

    Has he got a real plan apart from a 'like' page on how he intends to stop child abuse and lobby government? No.

    Has he read his grooming section on his CHRIS site? Its a missmash of information of badly copied material. Misleading? Yes.

    Has he ever made a mistake using pictures of inocent people? Probably, ie Jon Venables lad in grey hoodie.

    the list goes on.....

  84. may 23 4.37am you said.....what are you doing?? Sitting on here bitching about him , that's what!!

    have you even bothered to look at this blog? do you see predators and paedophiles being arrested??? i would hardly call that just sitting on here bitching !

  85. The post CW did on grooming was actually a mish mash between grooming and child prostitution. for someone who claims they know it all it seems to me he knows not very much.

  86. anom 6.07 you have addressed pretty much every issue on here that concerns me regarding chris wittwer. wish he had the balls to confront these issues and give us proper direct answers so i could start believing again that he is a genuine person like i used too believe.

  87. Anon 5.43 - WAKE UP U FOOL! OPEN YOUR EYES! CW HAS CLEARLY PULLED THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES! all the man does is copy n paste info into 1 place, then his puppets spread the word by sharing everything! he posted a pic ov somebody THAT WASNT VENABLES, show me were he admitted his mistake!


    chris w wants to make a name for himself, simple, he claims he had a gun 2 his head.... what then they casually walked of! watch a clip of him, he is 1 crap actor, shane byrant fights child abuse, i respect his beliefs of empowering children, of attending court as yes i do think with 2 big burly fighters nxt 2 you, a child will feel safe n protected, i see his reason behind his fight on child abuse, i also respect he doesnt demand the following CHRIS W does, or get into the pathetic arguements CHRIS W does, or involve himself in the shit that evolves from CHRIS W + is puppets! venables has been in jail for last 12mths, thompson has gone on to make himself invisible, there is no record of him being in trouble since being released, YES HE MURDERED A CHILD, but what will be gained in the fight against child abuse by CHRIS W posting pics n details of him now, is that not stirrin shit up were its not needed, causing somebody somewere 2 act on the info given??? he gives his followers what their narrow minds want, the WOW factor! why post about ryan giggs affair?? cus he wanted 2 make it look like he was in the know, that he could find anything out, he is helping 2 push the ppl he names n shames underground, this surely is dangerous, they will always b 2steps ahead of chris w as he is 2 thick 2 realise how daming his actions are! were are the results that show his "work" has helped, i myself have now seen what he has said in regard to kate swift, i dont no the lady, but i no her story READ IT, DIGEST IT, THEN TELL ME CHRIS W IS A GOOD PERSON TREATING A VICTIM NOW SURVIVOR THE WAY HE HAS! the evidence of what that man/mouse is, is there to see, closed minds are blind to it, its like watching a herd of sheep within that group, its pathetic and unsettling that so many have fell for his shit! hail chris, chris is my boss, we do it free cus he is so great...BOLLOX GET A GRIP LIKE HE HAS A GRIP ON YOU LOT! he has his own performing circus HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE THE REAL PICTURE FFS! s.

  88. John Gormley do you need volunteers for your work??? Has i know 2 very able ones that would very happily assist you and learn from you. we would like to learn from the best to do wat you do, its 2 extra moderators and surely you cant turn your nose up at that lol. Not many people know and value your work but we feel its more valuable than naming and shaming therefore we would like to play an active role x

  89. Anon - 8.02 im in! s.

  90. Anon @ 5.43:

    Racist - just look at his post on Muslims. He is also (allegedly) a supporter of the EDL. That is a racist organisations.

    They have strong violent impulses (supporters) - Completely fair point. Just look at the posts on his facebook site and the revenge/torture fantasies of people who support Wittwer.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Wittwer has created an organisation named after himself and makes claims that are simply not true about himself (like having secret access to information). This is narcissitic.

    Odious piece of pondlife only a few rungs higher than paedos. Perhaps strong but the man is a violent criminal. With multiple convictions.

    Asks two questions about his night shift-- Burglary? and Robbing helpless old ladies? - I agree this is out of order.

    Yes he is a criminal but labelled a liar, fraud and an insult to those who really care about child abuse. I believe his stories about his 'abuse' are lies. So do a great many other people. He is a fraud because he claims ownership of stuff plagiarised from other sources (all he does is copy and paste). He is an insult because of his disgraceful behaviour to other anti-child abuse campaigners and groups.

    Wolf in sheepskin clothing. - Someone who claims to want to protect innocent groups yet is convicted of a violent offence where vulnerable people were present and threatened IS a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    'The chosen 1'. - CW clearly thinks this of himself. Look how he treats others who dare criticise him.

    'Cult leader. Supporters are labelled Brainwashed fools'. An absolute, bang on the money fact.

  91. Anonymous @ 5.23 pm.

    Here are a few quotes from his supporters (re Jon Venables):

    I want to see his picture so when he does get out of jail.. Get a gang together..hunt him down and torture him so he has a slow painful death. Sick C*nt.

    Would really like to see Thompson outed, that would spoil his pretty little life with his boyfriend.

    Sick twat needs shooting and Robert Thompson.

    Why do we allow filth like this back in to our society, they will neva rehabilitate they will reoffend they are scum, death sentance simple

    And that's just on one thread.

    And I see he STILL hasn't outed Robert Thompson DESPITE claiming he has the information (apparently he was going to do it two weeks ago). He claims he wants to be 100% sure but those of us who have a tiny bit of intelligence believe that he is not revealing Thompson because he simply does not know who he is.

    He claimed ownership of the revelation of Jon Venables despite the fact that those pictures and that information had been circulating for the best part of a year!

  92. Anon: May23rd 10:23, I totally agree with you about some of the comments on the C.H.R.I.S. page, some of them do make me cringe. I am probably going to upset you here, but I think they should bring back the death penalty for murderers/child murderers. I know people think it is not civilised but how civilised is raping and murdering a child, and I object to them being kept in jail at my expense.
    As for the Venables story, why hasn't facebook deleted the page if what is shown is not true,and it is some other poor lad, as someone on here put it, surely it would be a violation of their terms and conditions. I'm sure they will be monitoring the page, and I'm also pretty sure that some (not all) of Chris's haters are probably the ones posting most of these vile comments to have the page closed down.
    These are just my own thoughts, I have not and never will be brainwashed into writing anything on here or anywhere else for that matter. Neither am I a sheep , a fool, cult member or any other label you care to put on me.

  93. I think anyone who thinks that dark forces are conspiring and posting comments on CW's Facebook page, in order to discredit him is brainwashed to a degree.

    As for the death penalty, how will you guarantee (and I mean ABSOLUTELY guarantee) that every single person you execute will be guilty?

    And would you have done that to two ten year old boys (given that even when the UK had the death penalty, it didn't execute those under 18 and hasn't executed ten year olds for hundreds and hundreds of years).

    So if you think Thompson and Venables should have been executed then yes - you ARE uncivilised. Simply because you want to inflict cruel and unusual punishment, not to mention death, on a child. (And simply saying you'd wait until they were 18 before executing them is also not 'civilised' btw - that is why even the US does not give the death penalty to under 18s.).

  94. 'I think they should bring back the death penalty for murderers/child murderers. I know people think it is not civilised but how civilised is raping and murdering a child, and I object to them being kept in jail at my expense.'

    Firstly, you are utterly ignoring facts if you think that the death penalty saves money. It doesn't. It costs more in the US to sentence someone to death than to give them life without parole. Of course, you could say that offenders shouldn't have access to the appeals process but then you are happily saying you would see loads of innocent people executed in order to satisfy your own bloodlust (no legal system is perfect).

  95. Can someone please enlighten me as to where the John Gormley fb page has gone. I was reading through it last night and fair play to the man for helping get rid of paedophiles on fb and all the other work he does. After reading the last two comments regarding the death penalty I wanted to make a screen shot of a comment on the page ( don't know if it was his admin or the man himself who made it) it states that they agree with the death penalty for child murderers. The page was up this morning but I couldn't get onto the third drop down page which also seemed to have mysteriously disappeared and I'm sure that's the page it was on. The whole fb page has now gone. Oh well good luck with your work John and hope you continue to catch more of these predators, If the page comes back up I may need your help to put the screenshot on here for you to see for yourself.
    I would also like to answer the people who think I would like to have a child executed---my answer is NO. I would also not like to have them told they would be executed when they were 18 as this would be child abuse in itself in the form of mental torture by having a child think for years that they are going to be executed. I was talking about adults who are found guilty of murder/child murder with the use of DNA. I am also all for a DNA database which may cost a lot of money to set up but in the long run will save a lot of time, money and energy catching criminals. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. The government spends silly money all the time on stupid projects so why not spend it on something worthwhile for a change.
    As for the comment regarding 'the dark forces posting on the CHRIS page' your words not mine I might add, some of the contributers are like the playground sneak with their "have you seen what he's posted now" GROW UP for goodness sake, have a sensible discussion and maybe Chris himself will join in. At the moment all I see are attacks and he is quite rightly keeping out because if he answers back I'm sure his criminal record will be brought into the conversation somewhere , which I might add has nothing whatsoever to do with child sexual abuse.
    In reality the police themselves use much worse criminals than him to get information about people they are looking for. It's what they themselves call the underworld.

  96. Here we go again with the racist story on muslim pedophile rings. Again this is a copy paste from the Daily Mail report 7 April 2011. With alledged comments off a video tapes.

    The persons who were arrested were aquited and given compensation due to mistakes made. In CW's own words "Charlene Downes: Allegedly Pimped, Raped, Murdered by Islamic Pedophile Gang", the keyword here is ALLEGEDLY, again CW is seen to be posting people who have been cleared in the Courts. Inciting remarks like: if you really want to make a difference join the english defence league in an area near you
    19 minutes ago
    another comment:it won't be long before lots of white kids go missing with these moslem scumbags paeodo's

    To make you completely aware of this problem, CW should point out that its NOT just muslims who are pedophiles, but WHITE, BROWN BLACK, YELLOW men and women, he is giving a FALSE impression, also WHITE BLACK BROWN YELLOW pedos have their own rings! Rings are NOT exclusivly Muslim!

  97. ' was talking about adults who are found guilty of murder/child murder with the use of DNA'

    DNA has been shown to be not as reliable as we thought. Low copy DNA has been rendered virtually useless in recent cases and now needs to be backed up with other evidence. Indeed, reliance on it has led to miscarriages of justice.

    Moreover this is problematic. What about the ones who are found guilty without DNA? Are you only going to use DNA evidence as the basis on which to execute while those who may be guilty of worse remain alive because of the lack of it?

    This makes a mockery of justice and would mean that equal crimes do not get equal punishment.

  98. Anon: May 25th 12:39. sorry I did mean DNA along with other evidence, i.e. positive proof that they have the right person and that no other person could have commited the crime, not just to condemn people to death on DNA evidence alone.
    As for it making a mockery of the justice system, equal crimes do not get equal punishment in this country, it appears that different judges have different views on the severity of crimes. Some give out very lenient sentences for child abuse /murder and rape.
    I was accused in an earlier post (May 25th 1:16am) of wanting to satisfy my own bloodlust by executing hundreds of innocent people. Where did I ever say that.
    To that person have you ever had a child murdered in your family, I have!!! It is not bloodlust to want his killer executed , nor is it revenge, I call it justice. To know that person is now walking the streets free to kill again if he so desires is one of the worst nightmares a family can have put on them, and it's our joke of a justice system that put him back on the streets. We as a family feel guilty that we couldn't have him locked away for life to protect other peoples children, but of course life never means life here does it. They call on their human rights don't they, what about our human rights to have our child with us. As I said already our justice system isn't just flawed it is an utter disgrace.

  99. 'positive proof that they have the right person and that no other person could have commited the crime'

    You can never have 100% positive proof.

    'equal crimes do not get equal punishment in this country, it appears that different judges have different views on the severity of crimes.'

    Actually, generally they do. Judges have to sentence according to guidelines laid down by the CPS sentencing manual. So, for example, for murder everyone gets a life sentence. But the judge must indicate a minimum amount of time the offender has to spend in custody. They start from a position of 14 years which is for a murder with no aggravating circumstances. For a murder WITH aggravaing circumstances, this rises (aggravaing circumstances could be very young victim, extreme violence, pre-planning, murder for financial gain, sexual attack involved in the killing; etc). This is why, say, an attack on a spouse which was a temporary massive loss of control will get a much lower tariff than a brutal sexual murder of a child. The latter will usually get around 40 years. Which is NOT leniant.

    'Some give out very lenient sentences for child abuse /murder and rape.'

    Leniant in your opinion but they ALL sentenced according to guidelines laid down in the manual.

    'I was accused in an earlier post (May 25th 1:16am) of wanting to satisfy my own bloodlust by executing hundreds of innocent people. Where did I ever say that.'

    If you are going to advocate the death penalty, you have to accept that at least some innocent people will be executed. No legal system is perfect. If you are going to kill every murderer (as you mentioned upthread), the figure of innocents killed is likely to be high - unacceptably high in my opinion.

    'It is not bloodlust to want his killer executed , nor is it revenge, I call it justice.'

    No. It is revenge. Justice has higher aims - including rehabilitation. Justice should not be in the hands of those who have been wronged but in the hands of the impartial. Justice is blind and fair to all. We do not have Sharia law in this country where the victim/victim's family get to decide the punishment.

    'life never means life here does it.'

    It does in certain circumstances. In the UK, there are around 50 murderers who will never be released.

  100. 'It is not bloodlust to want his killer executed , nor is it revenge, I call it justice.'

    Justice is unemotional and detatched. So what you describe is NOT justice. There is a place for retribution in justice but vengeance is NOT retribution.

    This is why when a criminal is brought before a court, he stands against the Crown, not the victim. His crime is against the state and the state takes responsibility for administering justice. Anything else is barbaric and medieval.

  101. 'As I said already our justice system isn't just flawed it is an utter disgrace.'

    Our (I think you mean UK) justice system has NEVER claimed to act on behalf the victim. Few justice systems do and certainly none that are based on English common law.

    Indeed, the only ones that do are based on Islamic Sharia Law (under which system a murdered person's family get to decide the fate of the murderer).

    The law was actually created in order to protect the monarch and his property, not to protect the masses. It has evolved since then but the law is there to be fair to ALL parties. Justice is adminstered with distance, propotion and restraint, not with anger, revenge and emotion.

    Ergo - Capital punishment is NOT justice.

  102. Anon May 25, 2011 5:05 AM.

    I was asked to take it off line.

    I'm not going into why I was but just that it is the right thing to do.

    I'll re-open it again in the future

  103. Anon:10:17... Out of the 50 murderers you quote who will never be realeased how many were convicted years ago when judges weren't afraid to give out this type of sentence? Two I know of are Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, who are the other 48 and when were their convictions? 50 seems a pretty low number to me, considering the amount of murderers we have in the UK, especially child murderers. As for your comment with regards to Sharia law , when the UK did have the death penalty was it classed as Sharia law then, that sounds a bit racially improper to me. Do you consider the US judicial system to be controlled by Sharia law , where victims and families are allowed to read an impact statement to the court, which does have some bearing on the sentences US judges hand out. Our government wants to be so much like the US so why don't they change our laws and take a leaf out of their book and have the same rules of sentencing. I don't understand why some judges in this country hand out 3month sentences for downloading child abuse pictures and others jail them for 18months or worse, i.e. a community service order. 18months in my opinion is still not long enough and they should never be in the community. Each child in these pictures has been abused and continue to be abused when these paedophiles look at these pictures.
    You state that a brutal child murderer can receive a 40yr sentence and that it is not a lenient sentence. I'm afraid if you ask any parent who's child has been brutally murdered they might disagree with you on that one as would most ordinary decent people, some of which are called for jury service at these trials. They should never see the light of day.
    Finally you say justice is blind and fair to all. When? How is it fair to all? What about the victims or families who have to live with this for the rest of their lives while these people are allowed to walk the streets, or when they are in jail, and they as tax payers have to contribute to there upkeep. Would you WILLINGLY feed and clothe a person who had murdered your child,sexually abused your child or murdered another member of your family. I think not. Some people say everyone deserves a second chance, some of these offenders have had more than a second chance. If they had been taken off the streets for good the first time their 2nd , 3rd and 4th offences wouldn't have taken place.

  104. I have just been on a website for the pros and cons of the death penalty and it states the uk only has 44 prisoners sentenced to life without parole, If you take away Myra Hindley, Fred West and the Krays that brings your number of 50 down to 46. Still a small number considering the amount of murderers we have in this country. It also states on the pros side that prisoners in the US and Italy are asking to be executed as they don't want to live the rest of their lives in prison. On the other side ( the anti death penalty) tell us to keep in mind that if they are kept in prison for the rest of their lives that they will suffer with knowing they will never get out and also they are at great risk of being attacked and raped and are treated like caged animals... hmmm and I thought life in prison was supposed to be so much more civilised than being executed.

  105. CW your a disgrace, a hyopcrite, egotistical waste of space, lets just hope NO CHILD gets hurt at your June 17th Rally!!

    I also hope that the sheep will well and truely have their eyes opened as to the motives of this so called anti child abuse campaigner, its all for the GLORY. Self righteous disgrace to anti child abuse causes.

  106. Unanswered questions remain
    How does cw know indecent images of him are on the internet?

    Why has he slandered most of the established anti child abuse campaigners out there?

    Why do most of the more experienced campaigners avoid working with him?

    Why is he adamant on naming every abuser but his own? He condemns other survivors for protecting their abusers yet he doesn't practice what he preaches. Hypocrite? I think so.

    Go to the police and go on record about your abuser cw take a big piece of humble pie and step away from the self appointed leadership

    You wouldn't be allowed to work with children or vulnerable adults so why are you so determined to be their "voice"

    Name your own abuser, if not for yourself do it for his other victims..

  107. 'who are the other 48 and when were their convictions?'

    Some very recently. Steve Wright for example; Steven Griffiths. Two whole life terms have been sent in this year alone.

    'when the UK did have the death penalty was it classed as Sharia law then'

    No, but then not every murderer got the death penalty. Only around 10-20 a year I believe. And the victim did not decide, the state did.

    'Our government wants to be so much like the US so why don't they change our laws and take a leaf out of their book and have the same rules of sentencing'

    Why should they? If any judicial system should NOT be copied it is the US which has 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prison population yet its harsh penalties do NOTHING to decrease crime. For my part, I am interested in a penal system that works more than anything, not one that merely satisfies a base demand for vengeance.

    'if they are kept in prison for the rest of their lives that they will suffer with knowing they will never get out and also they are at great risk of being attacked and raped and are treated like caged animals'

    There are ways of protecting prisoners. Yes, a life tariff is a horrible thing to endure but if they really want to end it, suicide is an option. AND there is always the possibility that IF they are innocent, the state CAN attempt to make up for it. A mistake which leads to the death penalty is not a mistake that can be rectified.

    The Guildford 4, Birmingham 6, Maguire 7, and many more would have been executed had they been convicted before the demise of the death penalty. There are serious concerns about the guilt of one of the people given a whole life term (Jeremy Bamber).

    There can never be a fail-safe system. If you advocate the death penalty, you are accepting that there will be a number of innocent people who are executed. That to me is far too high a price.



    Don Mezico Eugene

  109. Anon: 2:20pm I doubt very much that innocent people would be executed in this day and age, it's hard enough to get a conviction nowadays against a guilty person never mind convict an innocent person. Prisons are bursting at the seams and the norm now seems to be to try and avoid putting people in prison. Give them community service or let them out on tag seems to be the order of the day. Let them commit a few more offences before we lock them up. You say there are ways to protect prisoners, Peter Sutcliffe and Ian Huntley have both been attacked in prison to name but two. The prison authorities didn't do a very good job of protecting them did they. Prison officers have been attacked in prison. Lifers without parole have nothing to lose have they? They will never be released into society so they live in comfort for the rest of their lives. They complain about losing their family life etc etc. Poor them they get visits don't they? They decided to commit a crime for which they are locked up for the rest of their lives and we foot the bill. You also didn't answer the part where I asked if you would WILLINGLY feed and clothe a person who had murdered one of your family.

    To Anon: I still have an unanswered question to: Do you or anyone else on here know what happened to John Gormley's site as I can no longer find it on fb. Has it been taken off?

  110. ' doubt very much that innocent people would be executed in this day and age,'

    Actually, the number of people on death row who have been exonerated is RISING, not falling.

    ' it's hard enough to get a conviction nowadays '

    Actually, since the death penalty was abolished murder convictions have risen proportion to the number coming to court. This is because juries aren't so squeamish about convicting someone who is likely to face the noose. Also many killings which would have got a manslaughter verdict before, now get a murder verdict. Another reason not to reintroduce it - juries would once again start to either acquit or reduce to manslaughter because they are too reluctant to see a defendant hanged.

    'Peter Sutcliffe and Ian Huntley have both been attacked in prison to name but two. The prison authorities didn't do a very good job of protecting them did they'

    Prison officers can't be expected to be there at every confrontation (Sutcliffe was attacked in top security mental health facility btw).

    'Lifers without parole have nothing to lose have they?'

    Actually those sentenced to life without parole usually end up being quite compliant. The only one I can think of who wasn't (ie kept commiting crime in prison and was violent) were Reggie and Ronnie Kray and I'm sure they probably weren't on your 'worst' list. Even Reggie eventually got compassionate release (though died a few weeks later). Ronnie died behind bars.

    'You also didn't answer the part where I asked if you would WILLINGLY feed and clothe a person who had murdered one of your family.'

    As I said, justice is not emotional. It has to be detatched and impartial. I have had a family member murdered (though not a close relative). I have no problem about that person being in prison and paying taxes to keep him there, no. I would hope that if a close family member were killed that I would NEVER stoop low enough to demand the offender's death. Sara Payne, by the way is fundamentally against the death penalty (including for the man who murdered her child).

    Some of us, believe it or not, have values that look beyond our own lives.

  111. CW you are once again dramatising a Paedo ring story....Do you actually delight in those children who were abused by the female paedo ring? It seems to me you are gloryifing the situation by posting all those interviews.Why are you doing this? Are you getting some weird kick out of it? I have a very uncomfortable feeling watching your posts on seem to delighting in this.....something is not right!

  112. Anon 10:20pm. Why do presume that the Krays wouldn't be on my 'worst' list. I think the Kray twins were evil people who deserved to be locked up.
    In Scotland we have a 'not proven ' verdict which is a joke as you are free to walk out of court, you cannot be brought back to court if more evidence is found . What is the point of this verdict. You should be either guilty or innocent at the end of a trial.
    As for you apparently having values and me not, I can assure you that family values are very important to me. I have raised 4 children, who all did well at school, 3 went to college, all are employed and have been since going out into our big bad dangerous world. None have been in trouble with either school or police. I've never raised my hand to any of them and taught them from an early age to respect their elders and anyone else they came into contact with. 2 are married and have children of their own , very well behaved children I might add, who are also doing well at school. I also value my neighbours including the ones I don't know.
    You can attack me all you want by implying you have values and I don't.
    The values that should be called into question here belong to the judges who hand out paltry sentences in our courts every day. They are supposed to help protect society as a whole, how can they do this when they put people who download child abuse pics back on the streets within a few months. What is the rehabilitaion in jail? You can only be rehabilitated if you want to be. Paedophiles who commit crimes against children cannot be rehabilitated as they think they have done nothing wrong. They think it's ok to have sexual feeling towards a child and to act on those feeling.Some of us who have values think this is disgusting and deserves a hefty sentence. They think this is normal and wonder why we can't see their point of view.
    I'm not a violent person, never have been but defend my arguement to have children (and adults)protected against murderers/child murderers and paedophiles.
    We put dogs down for attacking children (by lethal injection) are the RSPCA and the vets who do this inhumane. I think not.
    Most dogs who attack are bred to do this Humans are not. We are bred to be HUMAN . Do you consider a predator who attacks a child to be acting out human nature because I don't.
    You seem to think I am angry because of my lost family member , I'm not, it's too late for him, that anger left me long time ago, I am angry because future victims are not going to be protected unless something is seriously changed within our justice (and I use that word lightly) system. I don't want gangs of vigilantes attacking people I want the law to deal properly with these offenders.

  113. I am totally dumbfounded at CW's latest post, Maxine Carr, er excuse me but was she charged with murder? was she charged with anything other than lying to the police, giving Huntly a false alibi.......Does this make her guilty of murder? Why is this woman even being given time on Another attempt at look at 'me' i am disgrace!!!

  114. 'They will never be released into society so they live in comfort for the rest of their lives.'

    Have you read what you have written? You claim they can 'live in comfort for the rest of their lives' then go on about how Huntley and Sutcliffe have been attacked in prison (one child murderer was killed in prison this year). Either they live in comfort or they live in abject fear of brutal attack and being killed. Can't be both.

    I echo the previous poster. Justice is administered by independent, impartial parties, NOT decided by anger, vengeance and a desire to avenge blood spilled. We are not savages.

  115. Another whole life tariff handed down today:

  116. Anon May 26, 2011 3:42 PM

    This is not for you but for everybody who reads this

    After realising that facebook are crap for reporting stuff to the cops I stopped sending stuff to them and now NEVER NEVER EVER post links to bad profiles on public walls because all most people do is report them to fb.

    I also NEVER NEVER EVER send stuff to the IWF they have not to my knowledge ever nailed a bad guy we sent them.

    We send all our stuff to the police.

    Write the link down on a piece of paper and bring it to your local police station is what people should do.

    Ask for a receipt.

    Thank you for the PM earlier.

    That guy got a lot of abuse for posting the picture and will end up being disabled for it.

  117. 'In Scotland we have a 'not proven ' verdict'

    I agree this is bizzare but something unique to the Scottish legal system. The English legal system is different - and much more punitive.

    I am glad that you have instilled good values into your children and that you were an engaged and good parent. It has clearly served your children well. Some children, however are not so lucky and all they have known is violence and abuse. Some don't know how to react to conflict in any other way because they have not been taught. Believe it or not, humans, like dogs, need to be 'trained'.

    'defend my arguement to have children (and adults)protected against murderers/child murderers and paedophiles.'

    I don't think anyone would argue that dangerous people need to be locked away - that public safety is most important. However, the idea that all 'child murderers' are going to be always dangerous is simply not true. Mary Bell for one. What about mothers in the grip of post-natal depression who kill their children? What about the guy a couple of years ago who killed in son when suffering from an acute psychotic episode? What about a child who kills a child?

    The people you are probably referring to (Huntley; etc) - are people who are serving a life sentence. They either have extremely long tariffs (Huntley's is 40 years FFS, as is Roy Whiting's) or whole life tariffs. The parole board is under no obligation to release them at tariff end until they are absolutely convinced that they are no longer a danger.

  118. True to form another group has come under attack from CW and his followers. Well done to the group who have held their heads up and dealt with the attack with dignity.

    As their Liverpool rally was infiltrated by the EDL, the group decided to postpone the event for fears of saftey.

    The EDL is hosting a rally in Blackpool today, openly promoted by CW. For someone who says he doesnt condone violence why is he promoting? Will he also be promoting the Liverpool rally that has been stolen by EDL?
    Has he any regard for safety? Or is this perhaps another attempt at trying to big himself up. Lets hope there is no trouble in Blackpool today.

  119. It is utterly bewildering to me why his followers can't see this guy for what he is. A violent, racist criminal. Are they really that thick?! Do they really swallow his stories and lies to that degree?

  120. I am actually laughing my head off at the lastest addition to CHRIS.ORG.

    Does CW need a doctor? Is he mentally stable? Is he aware what he has done? I must giggle at the reaction of his sheep.... predictable !!

    Chris please go get some help, you need it your in denial over something........could this be a guilty concious? I do wonder

    Are the lies catching up with you? Have you realised people are beginng to see you for what you are?


    What a joke! Hes managed to raise £50 out of the 'supposed' £1000 he needs to keep the site up and running.
    The man didnt even pay the woman for her outlay on the keyrings hes so fond of offering. As for what you get for your money? just read the part at the bottom of the page.
    Maybe hes trying to raise money for another trip to Thailand?

  122. @ anon 10.24

    Very interesting read, thank you for sharing.

    I wonder what will happen if his target is not reached? Considering he has only recieved £50 in donations and the target is 1000,00 which has to be reached by the end of June 2011, makes me think that perhaps the people who have claimed to have made donations are in fact false. Would be interesting to find out if those who have donated recieved their 'free gifts'.

    Upshot, even more questions raised

  123. Car stickers? You have to pay for those?
    I hope i dont see any cars with those stickers....

    There is a big difference between a paedophile and a child molester. Even those who have downloaded abuse pictures shouldn't be put in the same category as molesters and rapists. Who's looked at things on the internet (and will continue to look at) that perhaps they shouldn't have? Curiousity that results in looking at material on the internet is a world away from going out and raping and killing a child, yet they all get stuffed into the same bag.

    Wittwer, your time is coming to an end, and you will end up a failure and a disgrace to your own family name.

  124. Car stickers? You have to pay for those?
    I hope i dont see any cars with those stickers....

    There is a big difference between a paedophile and a child molester. Even those who have downloaded abuse pictures shouldn't be put in the same category as molesters and rapists. Who's looked at things on the internet (and will continue to look at) that perhaps they shouldn't have? Curiousity that results in looking at material on the internet is a world away from going out and raping and killing a child, yet they all get stuffed into the same bag.

    Wittwer, your time is coming to an end, and you will end up a failure and a disgrace to your own family name.

  125. I was interested in taking part in this discussion until my posts weren't allowed up... I might be anti chris wittwer but i am certainly not pro paedophile/child molester. Nor is this a debate about the difference between the two. It was helping survivors vent their feelings about wittwer now it seems to be a child molester/paedophile apologist blog...

  126. @ anon 1:34Pm......a paedophile apologist blog?explain please....I don't agree at all and lets not turn this blog into an absolute waste of time with people what has happened on FB....

  127. @Triona i just want to make it clear that not all of us who are anti cw are pro child molester/paedophile.

    Anon@May 30, 2011 7:45 AM
    "There is a big difference between a paedophile and a child molester. Even those who have downloaded abuse pictures shouldn't be put in the same category as molesters and rapists. Who's looked at things on the internet (and will continue to look at) that perhaps they shouldn't have? Curiousity that results in looking at material on the internet is a world away from going out and raping and killing a child, yet they all get stuffed into the same bag"

    That sounds like an apologist for child molesters/paedophiles to me...

  128. A child molester IS a paedophile.

    It's strange though. People seem to think that this is a crime/desire that is a relatively recent phenomenon. The age of consent in this country used to be 12 in Victorian times. Indeed, when there was a debate in parliament about raising it, there was some opposition, with some of the men (for they were ALL men at that point) claiming that girls of 12 might unfairly accuse 'decent' guys of rape!

    So it would appear that having sex with a 12 year old has only been considered 'criminal' for around 100 years!

    And from that point, it wasn't an unknown crime. Barnardos frequently took children away from families because of 'moral degradation' or 'gross outrages' (ie child sexual abuse).

  129. Could someone please explain to me:
    (a) What is it that makes a man sexually attracted to children?
    (b) Why would anyone want to look at pictures of children being abused? Please don't give me the " It was just curiosity" answer.
    (c) Why do people who look at these pictures not realise that it is wrong ?

    I am really trying to understand what it is that makes children so appealing to paedophiles.
    I have heard the excuse that it is on the same vein as being homosexual, but I don't agree with this. Homosexuals are attracted to adult males not children. Looking at pictures of child abuse is in my mind a perversion. I've read comments on here saying it's just curiosity, well I'm sorry that makes you as bad as the person who abused that child/children and took the pictures. Sex between CONSENTING adults is acceptable, sex with children is NOT. What pleasure do you get out of seeing this type of thing. It's stated here that it's not against the law to be a paedophile, (dictionary definition : a man who has sexual desires towards children). To sit and look at pictures of someone else abuse children defines more than a paedophile to me, because it stops being your desire and becomes you looking at someone else carrying out their desires. It shouldn't hurt to be a child. Children Have Rights In Society and those rights are to be allowed to have a childhood and not have their innocence brutally taken from them by someone who can't control their urges.

  130. @anon 6:27Am.Fair enough I had not seen that particular comment.But I don't believe that many CW haters would share that.
    @ anon 9:05AM. Whether or not the later age of consent is a recent phenomenon is irrelevant,it is against the law now.Many things were acceptable a 100 years ago that are most certainly not in this day and age.I don't think people are too bothered or caught up in those aspects of previous history...and thankfully these laws have changed..
    @anon 9:45AM...a.Paedophilia is registered as a psychological disorder under the DSM IV. This is because paedophilia shows traits and patterns in personality and behaviour similar to other psychological disorders. There is no 'cure' for paedophilia as such but as with any psychological disorder treatment can be very effective depending on the individual.
    b.Child pornography is viewed and collected by paedophiles for a variety of purposes, ranging from private sexual uses, trading with other paedophiles, preparing children for sexual abuse as part of the process known as "child grooming", or enticement leading to entrapment for sexual exploitation such as production of new child pornography or child prostitution.
    c.paedophiles they can satisfy their sexual appetite, and they can do this without abusing children,so therefore I would imagine they feel that it is victimless as far as they are concerned.(For the record,I don't agree)

  131. anon 9.05

    A. its not just men, women can be child sex abusers.
    B. its just like a 'normal' person looking at porn.
    C. Child sex abusers dont believe they are doing nothing wrong by looking at children being abused, child sex abusers dont think its any different from a 'normal' person looking at porn.

    The term paedophile is to me a 'blanket word' it covers a varied range of child sexual abuse.
    As a teenagers most children have experimented with other children that is mormal, that does not make them future child sex abusers, and should not be classed as a 'paedophile'.

    If your talking about the CHRIS campaign, its full of contridictions, and a lot of it does not make sense. Plus that campaign is supported by some very hostile people, who do indeed tell lies about people sending then bad messages, it keeps the hysteria going. Plus the creator himself uses some alarming wording in his discriptions on most of the things he posts. That is a having a go at him thats the way I personally see it. A constructive crictisim, which he usally doesnt accept, he believes its personal attacks on him. That is some ego!

  132. Why waste time trying to understand it? Categorise it all you like it doesn't change the fact that it's wrong, it's always going to be wrong and if there ever was a time when it was deemed to be "right" that time has long gone and rightly so.

    Cw however has done more to damage the cause than he realises. It seems to me he seeks to justify his pattern of violent behaviour by blaming it on "the pedos" very convenient... Thats why some of us were taken in at the beginning of his campaign, he said that apart from some wrongdoings as a young lad the other violent incident involved a pedo. Rightly or wrongly some of us said fair enough and let it go but to see that he is not only openly supporting the edl, it's clear that he is also he is a spiteful imature individual who is motivated by extreme vitriol....This subject requires a more sober mature approach which is obviously beyond his abilities, thats what makes him dangerous. He is a hazard to himself, how can he ever be a voice for anyone.


    I have to admit I have grave concerns over this. Firstly let me just say I dont know any of the people named, but to me that looks like its been stolen from I believe chris said was a secret group, the first thing that sprang to my mind was, if its a secret group and these people are what Chris says. Why was Chris in there? Why would he be any part of that? In the conversation, I take it has been copied, I cannot see any bragging about arrests, I see a private converstation between friends. I also cant see any evidence of the gentleman, Mr Gormley asking the women to go and seek out indecent pictures as Chris has stated.

    Sorry but I cannot believe this what Chris is alledging, sounds and looks like a set up and very badly worded one at that.

  134. Can someone please tell me,the names and whereabouts of the paedophile groups n forums that Chris Wittwer claims a lot of attacks on him are made. I would actually like to see the proof to back these claims up.

    I am getting fed up of seeing these allegations, there is NO PROOF these attacks happen we only have the word of Chris.

    Is this enough?

    I am beginning to see discepencies in a lot of what is claimed by Mr Wittwer.

    I was a hard and fast supporter, recent events have made me stop and think. I thank this blog for helping to open my eyes. I cant believe I was taken in for so long.

  135. anon - 1.38
    that "secret" group cw speaks of, is not secret, its a closed group yes, but the convo's discussions etc between the group are free 4 all 2 see, im not in the group, but awhile ago on this blog, i told John i had been reading over the groups page, and believe me when i say the sordid little picture cw paints it as, could not be further from the truth, but like i say, it is NOT a secret group, and you could see 4 ur self! unlike the "official" c.h.r.i.s group WHICH is not open 2 view!

    CW posted 2 links, the 1st had names n pics of 7/8 ppl who he said with john gormleys help were running a campaign 2get his shut dwn, that link then disappeared and another link was posted, all names he stated in 1st link had removed, replaced with a whole bunch of other names! why??? who is he 2 make such shit up about somebody, to the point cw declared 2 his "secret" group...i have gormleys address! BOLLOX U STUPID SAD MAN! every thing these person claims has no factual evidence behind it, and its truly shocking at how his "all female" admin kiss his arse 2 the point of vomiting! he has took a whole bunch of vulnerable victims and groomed them, 2 believe in him, his work, they live n breathe CHRIS!!! its cringe worthy! its time somehow 4 these followers of his 2 open their eyes, he has taken their trust, their money and let them build faith around him, not 3 their benefits, 4 his own, he needs praise, compliments he strives 4 hero status, using child abuse as the key 2get it! its disturbing, twisted + sick the lengths n lies he will go 2, in order 2 reach "HIS GOAL" ...KARMA CW IS ENROUTE!

  136. Wittwer has been jailed. About bloody time.

    I said upthread that his confidence that all he would receive would be a suspended sentence was misplaced - that given his record and the fact that he knowingly went around breaking injunctions, he was likely looking at custody.

    10 months - that means we have at least 5 months without having to suffer the pathetic lies from this ignorant thug.

  137. He has been jailed for ten months!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  138. Absolutely laughing my socks off at his supporters claiming an injustice (he has just been sentenced to 10 months for a violent offence).

    They seem to think he has been sentenced because of the website and that he has been treated more harsly than his codefendants because of it. In fact, they are all given the same sentence (10 months) but it was suspended for the others because they have no past convictions (particularly no previous VIOLENT convictions). Unlike Wittwer who has several.

    The post is claiming one of the judges is named and shamed on his website which is clearly bull. Only ONE judge sentences at Crown Court and only ONE judge presides. So more lies from the Wittwer camp. They need to be careful - Exeter Crown Court could come down pretty hard on them for libellous statements.

  139. I see his Facebook site (the C.H.R.I.S one) has been taken down. Wonder if had anything to do with the libellous claims made about the judge presiding over his case.

    Chickens coming home to roost hey Chris?

    He's lucky to get only ten months. The judge could have sentenced him to 3 years. Let's hope he comes out a better and a wiser man (though I doubt it). Exeter prison is pretty miserable though - he's in for a rude awakening. And contrary to what people will think, his campaigning will do him little good with the cons in there.

  140. As a member of Chris Wittwer's group I find the comments on here regarding his supporters and members very disdainful and to be frank very rude. I am an educated person and I do not follow anyone blindly 100% and am certainly no thug. I recognise this man is not perfect but we do no live in a perfect world. He may display some narrcisistic traits but he is doing a great job in exposing dangers to children and I can therefore forgive him his less than perfectness. The judicial system in this country is an utter joke and sex offenders do not get the sentences that the offences warrant. As for those on here who claim sex offenders closely monitored by police are a less risk that is ludicrous statement. I have a sex offenders hostel around the corner and once they walk out the door they are not monitored and are free to do exactly as they please. I have always been fairly liberal and I do not condone lynching or the death penalty but I do demand that the MOST vulnerable and innocent or society be protected. This country is letting its innocents down and someone needs to stand up and demand some kind of justice. Chris is doing that and whatever his motives it is a good thing.

  141. I got accused of 'being known for posting paedo links" what ever the hell that means. I got this for calling one of his drones a racist on a totally unconnected group. His little drone went off and posted a load of shite about me on CHRIS and off went Witwer on a little tirade about how he knew all about me.

    Funnily enought about a year earlier I'd been accused of being a paedophile by some BNP/EDL members I was trolling.

  142. I remember asking this prat the other day(on his facebook page), for some proof to his claim that 97% of child grooming in the UK was commited by muslims. Instead of answering me, he accused me of being a troll, what a idiot and a scumbag for being a violent one!!

  143. Chris's motives are simple POWER AND FINANCIAL GAIN. Read posts made by him earlier on this blog he claims Gormley is a peadophile and then goes on to say some womans husband is a peadophile. On a site that is predominantly for naming and shaming peadophiles, he has put people on there who have merely disagreed with him. Scary when you consider it could be you seems as you state your educated and do not follow.

    I believe in naming and shaming if there is no doubt but when there are people on there that have actively helped child abuse campaigns i think that is out of order.
    And the relentless money that is being pestered for, to run a site that costs 50-100 pound p.a is smacking of robbery and greed.

  144. 'I do demand that the MOST vulnerable and innocent or society be protected.'

    Shame Wittwer doesn't. Apparently during his latest offence, there were 'vulnerable persons' present. These were children - some toddlers in fact. One mother recounted how she had to shield her baby from witnessing Wittwer's flying fists and kicks.

    The man is a fraud and a thug. He deserves his prison sentence.

  145. Well I am very sorry that he has been sent to prison before removing my infomation from his website!! I am not a sex offender nor a troll. What he has done is wholly irresponible and downright dangerous for those of us named.

    The website has now been used as a tool to bully people who disagree with some aspects of the chris campaign or indeed ask questions on information posted, people have a right to ask for proof of how much is receieved in donations,I disagree that things like that should be hidden, it makes me wonder why its being hidden.

    My human rights have been violated and I'm not happy!!

  146. anon june 12011 12.24pm,

    so do you also think it's a good thing for him to stick pictures up of people that have had disagreements with him then? on a site known for naming and shaming paedophiles,

    do you not think for one minute that anyone who saw that rubbish would assume the worst that these people had committed a crime?

    what if these people are attacked as a result of this ? still all good for you then is it?

  147. Absolutely delighted this has happened.Good riddance to bad rubbish...Lets see if he uses his bullyish tactics in prison.Thankfully I can rejoin groups and have an opinion thank God....

  148. so the god of face book is in prison and his nlittle cult followers are getting free god t shirts oops i mean free cris t shirts and petitions for his freedom funny that as he si the first to throw a stone against soft sentances should have got 5 years he is not fit to camapign for child abuse with is history he would not be allowed to work with children thank god silly jumped up git needs pulling down

  149. John Gormley, you are a fucking cunt as are the fat slags who pander to you. Enjoy talking amongst yourselves on here as no-one else actually gives a shit about any of you. Scum of the earth. A posse of trolls and paedo-sympathisers. I despise every one of you and I wish you nothing but misery.

  150. anon 5.19 If you want to make accusations like that have the decencey to show your name as your naming a man in your post.

    But then again its the reaction of the chris posse is it not.

    The more i see of the CHRIS campaign and its 'posse' the more laughable it becomes resorting to playground insults 'fat slags' funny as fuck.

    Those people your refering to have more class than the lot of the chris posse put together.

  151. 519

    Vey brave of you hiding behind anon LOL

    Are you 100% sure we taking amongst ourselves and no one gives a dam?

    Continue to think that...

  152. i hope Chris gets bent over in prison and experiences what an abused child has to carry for life, supplementary to that i also hope he gets a barbed wire enema.

  153. anon june 2 5.19pm,,,,,, Thankyou so much for showing EXACTLY what the followers of chris are like ....

    Ladies and Gentlemen i give you a follower who has not got enough Vocabulary to insult in a clever way and so just goes down the swearing at people option. BRILLIANT !! well done to you, you must be so proud!

  154. The post by Anonymous June 2, 2011 5:19 PM
    Shows the mentality of the kind of supporters Chris Wittwer has.There is no need for the way they talk and the language they use.And i am no paedo sympathiser or troll.You only have to look at chris wittwers group walls to see the hate they spout out people who dont agree with them.And lets not forget you do the crime you do the time.

  155. anon 5.19pm,,

    I bet you wouldn't say that to their faces would you?? no you just carry on hiding behind wittwers big bald head. making slurs and calling people paedo lovers etc...

    i bet your mothers are all so proud of you!

  156. Anonymous said...
    John Gormley, you are a fucking cunt as are the fat slags who pander to you. Enjoy talking amongst yourselves on here as no-one else actually gives a shit about any of you. Scum of the earth. A posse of trolls and paedo-sympathisers. I despise every one of you and I wish you nothing but misery.
    June 2, 2011 5:19 PM

    whoa there your going to burst an artery. all that hate cannot be good for you. go find a nice hobby like knitting..

    p.s you are to sit on the naughty step for 30 minutes ( this works with children i believe)

  157. @Anonymous June 2, 2011 5:19 Your bill maloney arn't you? Only bill maloney talks like a pond life gutter snipe and calls it being "working class" Your a walking joke maloney.. A tired old wanna be who never was. Stop trying to exploit other people's pain for money you power hungry weasel. Survivors here have reported and in some cases jailed their abusers, which is more than chris wittwer will ever do.Do us all a favour and go to hollywood and be a waiter


    Just for the morons who believe every thing Chris Wittwer says.

    SoNeSaW is under our control.

    Robert Hull was caught thanks to us.

  159. the blind sheep are under the impression sara payne vets all wittwers posts, yet wittwer himself claims its the police and mappa. His recent attack on Esther Rantzen has not gone unnoticed, apparently she works closely with chris,according to him, yet he resorts to slagging her off over some people's champion vote.

    Does anyone seriously believe that anyone vets his website, come on if that was the case NONE of those inocent people named who have ever been let through. Lies lies and more lies.

    To the supporters, come and show yourselves, or are you affraid of being tarred with the same brush as wittwer?? Makes you wonder doesnt it.

  160. Wittwer publicly attacked sarah payne & shy keenan after they withdrew their support (not that they ever really gave it to him)he just makes outlandish claims and people believe him. He has attacked every high profile anti child abuse campaigner out there who had the sense to keep away from him.

    He slanders everyone. Obviously unable to vent his pent up rage on the streets, he turned to the internet. He can't really claim he had been keeping himself out of trouble he continued his pattern of abuse. Why he chose the anti child abuse cause as a vehicle for his acting out is indicitive of the coward that he is. He thought he was picking on a soft target. Boy was he wrong


    This video was made by the same guy (Malcolm Blackman a guy whose rep was destroyed by letting the RIP trolls into an anti-bullying group H.A.T.O. with lots of parents of sucide teenagers...needless to say...pause for is all John Gormley's fault) who made the video down the end of this page on the C.H.R.I.S. website which confirms John Gormley is involved with SoNeSaW

    This story (which is a copy paste from a news story) confirms Robert Hull was caught by them.

    So both say John is a liar.

    Chris Wittwer says John Gormley does not have any involvement with catching paedos. Chris Wittwer posts that SoNeSaW are responsible for getting Robert Hull and Malcolm Blackman confirms John Gormley is involved with SoNeSaW. So both of those morons are taking the piss. Lovely to see 2 dickheads saying the same guy is bad and then contradicting each other completely.

    Kudos to you, John Gormley. Keep up the good work!

  162. Those people whose 13 people whose pictures he robbed, I'll bet good money he has pictures of all of his supporters in case they turn against him. He'll put their names and their pictures into his website. Watch your backs you fools.

  163. anon june 3 12.16pm

    yes i think you are right , he stole my picture before i fell out with him, he put me on that site because i wouldnt give him a telephone number and i have the proof of that too.i bet he has pics of all his friends.

  164. all he got on me is he thought i was John! how wrong he was proved to be, he had my passport and Johns driving licence so hey yeah we are not the same person, yet after asking for an appology I was booted and blocked, until after he named me on his website and sent me a pm laughing saying it was funny,,, and yeah i do have the proof of that

  165. pmsl this makes good bedtime reading ....i sooooo cnnot believe all his supporters someone needs to get there heads from chris`s ass so they can see the light of day........see him for what he really is

  166. I would seriously suggest that any of his friends remove their pictures but maybe it is too late for that already!

  167. Anon 3.49

    Chris told me to give him John Gormley's number and I din't have it he threatened to put me on his website if I didn't. I'm terrified Chris has taken my pictures even though I've been a long term supporter of him and have been with him since the beginning but have also been friends of John Gormley. I told Chris what John was doing till John closed his wall down. I am sorry now I did I should have been telling John what Chris was at not the other way around. I can see Chris for what he is. I checked out the links above from June 3, 2011 12:12 PM and it is al true Chris posted a child abuser called Robert Hull who was caught by SoNeSaW and that that video confirms John was involved with SoNeSaW and both are calling him a liar.

    I've sent John and apology and I hope he forgives me.


    Down the end there is a video made by maldotcom have a look at his friend list, it is an absolute horror list of the very worst trolls on facebook and other places.

    This guy maldotcom is obviously a messed up individual and is poisonous if John helped to deal with him then he performed a public service and should be applauded for it. Chris using this man's video to attack John is laughable, where is the other side of that conversation I'd love to know.
    My experiences with people over the years have thought me that anyone who is able to laugh and joke and create a smile in someone else is an intellegent person I read the exchange on the C.H.R.I.S. between John and his friends and thought it was so funny I read it still for a laugh and wish i had been involved with the jokes. Chris never laughs or tells a joke none of his ass licking admins ever tell jokes. Campaigners who do not have a sense of humour are not worth following.

  169. Now lets have a look at events last nights events at Trafalga Square.

    A certain film maker was seen to be asking homeless people and general members of the public to act as secuirty for women and children while they camp out.

    Now lets wait and see the video, claiming these homless and general members of the public offered their help without any prompting.

    We know different, and who in their right minds would allow a random person/stranger to watch over their children? How irresponsible!!!

    These are the people who are fighting anti child abuse.....what a way to do it eh!

  170. I am shocked by what I read on here. If all of the people on here posting stories of how they have been accused of this that and the other by Chris Wittwer (stories that you state are untrue) then why have you not contacted the police or a lawyer? You say he's a fraud and a cheat and accuse his site of being a moneymaker for him , so why no contact with the police to report a fraud? John Gormley is supposed to be supported by all sorts of organisations, so what's the holdup I'm sure they could investigate it for you, or are you merely just bumping your gums . You accuse people on C.H.R.I.S site of basically baying for blood---have a read at some of YOUR OWN posts on here. What makes YOU any better???

  171. @anon 7.47

    I think the evidence agaisnt chris speaks for itself, more and more people are seeing the light.

    What stories are you refering to? The people who have posted here against chris I believe stand by their every word, so tad confused at what stories your talking about?

    As for legal action, how do you know there hasnt been any taken? You dont and if there was do you REALLY think it would be plastered on here or Facebook?

  172. @ ANON 747

    Could you point out where anyone here has bayed for blood? I think you might find probably one post, the comments here have been mainly polite and honest

  173. I personally think the chris supporters have been the rude and aggresive people commenting on here, that once comment calling John a f**king c and the women fat slags, stands out a rudddy mile.

  174. Hi all I left the C.H.R.I.S campaign today, in part due to the imprisonment of Chris, I sincerely wonder how anyone could try and condone his actions of violence. A policitcal prisoner, I think not, from the press releases I have read he had breached his suspended sentance once before. Sorry people but I honestly cant condone any behaviour like that, If Wittwer had not breached his suspended sentence, I may have given him room for doubt. Alas since he breached I cant not support him or the campaign any longer.

    I fail to see how he could be a polictical prisoner, the sentence he has recieved is pretty lenient considering it could have been 3yrs for the crimes he commited. How can one justify calling this a imprisonment due to what he does on his website, no it can not be justified. And in all honesty a poor attempt to try and excuse his behaviour.

    I will not tolerate violence on any level either it be verbal or physical. From what I have seen over recent times, the verbal violence outweights genuine anger at sentences handed out to sex offenders. It has gotten out of order.

    I am absolutley horrified of what I have witnessed in the last week. How can anyone use a website to name and shame ANYONE who had a disagrement with its founder, isnt that totally and utterly breaking every single rule of only naming and shaming sex offenders and pedophiles.

    I understand Wittwer claims he was under constant attack by the people he has wrongly named, I have not witnessed anyone attacking Wittwer personally. I have indeed seen people ask viable questions only to find these people are classed as trolls, pedophiles or pedophile lovers.

    If he can do this to innocent people who only wanted to support him and the campaign, then I dread to think what else could indeed happen to others in the future. I read a comment further up of a person who is terrified his/her pics will be used on Wittwers website, no sorry I cant sit back and watch that happen. I am disgusted by Wittwer's actions and as such can not support a campaign based on bullying. That is BLANTANT BULLYING TACTICS.


    Says it all really

  176. @ anon june 4 5.10pm

    I hear what your saying and I to will be departing from the C.H.R.I.S campaign. I dont feel safe being part of it now and sure don't not want my name or photograph to appear on the website.
    I also have to say I dont support the idea of polictical prisoner and indeed find that an insult to my intelligence.
    I can imagine the campaign will be gratefull to anyone who now wants to support it, sadly I can't.

  177. 'You say he's a fraud and a cheat and accuse his site of being a moneymaker for him , so why no contact with the police to report a fraud?'

    I think the police will be taking a VERY close look at what he is doing with the donations he has received from his site. They will find this much easier to do now he is inside.

  178. After seeing all the infighting this weekend, the language used, the pure venom in some comments made mainly but the admin of the official chris facebook page, I am also leaving the campaign.Begining to notice things not adding up and its right most of the things on the main website or just copied from media sources a lot of the information is also readily availible. With Sara's Law approaching I feel I would trust the information provided there rather than info copied and pasted, I dont feel there is room for both, so in light of the situation and disaray within the group I will be withdrawing my support.

  179. I am glad to see people are actually sitting up and seeing what is happening with their own eyes.

    I think the police will also be looking at his site very closely too as i believe the only reason it was allowed up was the fact that ALL posts were of convicted paedophiles and well they aren't now are they.

  180. It takes a big and strong person to admit they were wrong. So well done to those with the guts to admit they were taken in by this idiot and have now seen his true colours.

  181. For the record, I have not nor will ever say sorry to wittwer for asking questions about how his campaign was/is run. No way on this earth.

    He breached my human rights as an inoncent person by placing my photo and name and his name and shame website. Some of his followers have since claimed that the reason Chris did this is because A. i'm a paedo lover and supporter B. My ex husband is a paedophile.
    Neither of these are true. i do have the evidence of 2 ladies posting on a facebook group, making these claims. Also 2 men have made claims against me, for example I alledgely added one to paedophile groups and he has no idea how I got on his friends list, I have the email notification of his request to friend me. The other man claims I am on a lot of mother and baby groups, nope I'm not on any. Both these people have been challenged and surprise surprise neither have responded. I am telling you this because I am sick and tired of people jumping on the bandwagon trying to discredit people for their own gains,its not on I wont tolerate it.

    I will not be bullied !! Not by him not by anyone, so think on yet another lie told by Wittwer.

  182. I was there once, but my friend and I started investigating after we found out wittwer labelled John gormley a peadophile. From there we researched and found the truth about all the people. They are strong individuals who should never have been discredited and bullied like they have been by Wittwer. Keep your heads up high and clear your names, you have more people behind you now.

  183. Can't understand why we are all giving this monumental waste of oxygen keyboard time.

    He's a nobody.

  184. John is a fucking cunt and the women are fat slags. It's only a matter of time before your paedophile ring is exposed. Anyone who can't see that is an idiot.

  185. And by the way, no - I'm not Bill Maloney you fucking idiots.

  186. Anonymous said...
    Can't understand why we are all giving this monumental waste of oxygen keyboard time.


    Anonymous said...
    John is a fucking cunt and the women are fat slags. It's only a matter of time before your paedophile ring is exposed. Anyone who can't see that is an idiot.

    Calm down dear

    Anonymous said...
    And by the way, no - I'm not Bill Maloney you fucking idiots.

    Good for you

  187. Wow so brave behind anon, Right ok if you are seriously going to throw accusations like that up then I sincerly hope you will be big enough to appolgise and eat your words. Thank you once again for showing jut what the people who follow witter are, bullies, liars.

    Paedophile ring are you serious???? What planet are you on???

    If you honestly believe the crap your spouting then remember this, one of your admins initial E(think on)get your facts completley straight dont forget I have proof of her actions and also of her friend Al. So if you want to continue this witch hunt please do.

    E and AL how do you both feel now the chris camp are turning agaisnt you? Accusing you of being in a paedophile ring, you know different and so do I. I would say girls becarefull of who you trust within that group cos it seems to me your being set up to,you might like to remind the person who like to spout bad language and call people names on here instead of good old honest debate, go ahead remind her of the true facts.

    BTW i wont hide behind anon I dont need to cos I have nothing to hide nothing whatso ever.

  188. Anonymous said..."
    John is a fucking cunt and the women are fat slags. It's only a matter of time before your paedophile ring is exposed. Anyone who can't see that is an idiot.
    June 9, 2011 5:08 PM
    Anonymous said...
    And by the way, no - I'm not Bill Maloney you fucking idiots."

    Are you for real? a paedophile ring? i hardly think members of a paedophile ring would allow media, mp's and other people who can raise awareness into a group do you??? what planet are you living on?
    do you have proof of this or are you as i assume making this up too? just like everything else that comes from your group?? p.s thanks for once again showing what sort of people support this man! moron!

  189. Thank you anonymous 5.08 for proving yet again that the C.H.R.I.S. camp intellegence level is below that of stagnant pond life. You can't even think up good insults. Seriously give it up.

  190. Obviously the last 2 comments were made by one of 'Twit'twers inner circle of friends, as blind and misled as they are. You can tell simply by the language and profanity used.......which just indicates the lower level of intelligence of those who follow him.
    These people are obsessed with paedophiles and paedophilia to such a degree that its quite disturbing. By lashing out as they do, presenting themselves as they do by the strong language and trying to label everyone who speaks out against Twittwer as a paedo involved in a paedo ring........well, its almost as if they protest far too strongly. Its appears as if they are trying to deny their own interest in children by lashing out at everybody else. Maybe it helps counteract their own sexual interest which they are finding difficult to accept and cope with?
    Maybe thats something worth considering..... those with the most to hide often shout the loudest.

  191. Anonymous said...
    John is a fucking cunt and the women are fat slags. It's only a matter of time before your paedophile ring is exposed. Anyone who can't see that is an idiot.
    June 9, 2011 5:08 PM

    Paedophile ring are you kidding me? does this blog look like the work of predators who prey on kids OR a blog that is bringing awareness to people to see just what sort of filth is actually on facebook the place their children are using to talk and interact with others????

    you seem to all spew the word paedophile about willy nilly do you actually know what one is or is it just a word you can call someone you disagree with?

    I suggest you grow up!


    This who Wittwer supports he was openly seen to promote the Blackpool EDL rally.
    Richard Price, co-ordinator of the West Midlands division of the EDL convicted last June and placed on sex offenders register.

    How can Wittwer and his crew be associated with these people? The plot thickens !!

  193. I'll bet anything that this guy will come out of prison telling nonsense stories about how he was raped while inside and beaten by sex offenders while the 'paedo loving' screws stood by and cheered.

  194. Anonymous said...

    This who Wittwer supports he was openly seen to promote the Blackpool EDL rally.
    Richard Price, co-ordinator of the West Midlands division of the EDL convicted last June and placed on sex offenders register.

    How can Wittwer and his crew be associated with these people? The plot thickens !!

    It does indeed, especially when Richard Price was hailed as a "political prisoner" for rioting at an edl march.

    Sounds familiar don't you think?

  195. "I'll bet anything that this guy will come out of prison telling nonsense stories about how he was raped while inside and beaten by sex offenders while the 'paedo loving' screws stood by and cheered. "

    That would not surprise me at all. I will look forward to seeing his next move once out of jail. The whole campaign stinks of violence and lies, and i feel sure now there are very few decent folk supporting him (if any). I've known he was bad a long time ago, so its nice to see everyone waking up to it now.

  196. I believe he is at Leyhill open prison.

    They have a fair few lifers there. Indeed, a quarter of Leyhill's population are murderers. They also have a higher than average number of sex offenders (3% of the general prison population are sex offenders - in Leyhill it is 6%). They don't have a vulnerable prisoners unit so no doubt he'll come into contact with one or two - perhaps from his list!

  197. Well now the long awaited Angels Against Child Abuse has been released. Thought they were against child abuse but what I saw was nothing short of child abuse and mob law.Those women were dispicable I would be so ashamed to show my face ever again in public.

    Chris Wittwer is in prison because of his violence, he is not a political prisoner, how stupid did that film make them all look, their ignorance never fails to amaze me.

    That was not a rally by CHRIS against child abuse that was a diabolical attempt to justify violence, it has failed miserably along with the CHRIS campaign.

  198. Having just watched the new video I have to say that Ive never seen such a bunch of misfits. Having been a member of the CHRIS group for quite some time I have now left as it has become nothing more than a gathering place for angry people to spout their verbal bullshit. Although the CHRIS site and associated groups started off with good intentions, they seem to have lost the plot along the way.
    Not one of them that Ive heard speak on the subject of child abuse does so with any real emotion or conviction....basically, theyre clueless and false.
    If you look at the North West CHRIS supporters group, it shows there are over 1400 members.... .yet only a handful of Chris 'worshippers' actually submit or comment. Ive had numerous people in the group message me telling me that they no longer have any interest in either the group or his website but they stay just for the comedy value. Maybe this explains why there are so few people comment and why so little funds are donated to the CHRIS campaign.
    Having witnessed so many attacks by Chris and the CHRIS group members on survivors of abuse, I feel ashamed to say I was a member and a supporter. Some of the most noticeable examples were Chris' attempts to block the 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' being introduced into the Irish education curriculum as well as personal attacks against those involved (I heard from someone very close to Chris that this attack was due to the fact that he wasnt introducing it himself and he felt as if hed been put in the shade). The way he and his core group of 'worshippers' have attacked other people, including true survivors of abuse, for any reason, most notably for scrutinising the motives of Chris, his site and the groups and for trying to 'Steal the limelight' as it was put to me on a number of occasions by people close to Chris. His behaviour and that of other core members towards others is nothing short of diabolical and disgraceful, calling survivors pedophiles and pedo sympathisers, members of pedo rings; its sickening.
    Ive met Chris, El, Bill, Binny and many of the others when attending the rallies and, in truth, most of them are a waste of space. Chris really doesnt have a clue about child abuse, nor does Bill, and both like nothing more than to hear their own voices.
    Shane, of Global Fighters Against Child Abuse, put Bill in his place, and rightly so. He sees Bill and Chris for the people they are, just loudmouthed hooligans......
    and Im not putting my name to this as it would bring undue verbal abuse which Ive seen enough of in the groups.
    At the end of the day, Chris and his moronic band of mouthy, angry thugs are a waste of space. Just look at how few people turn up for his Rallies against child abuse. You never see big crowds because so few people attend ;nobody cares enough to support such a loud mouthed violent bunch of idiots.
    Theyre a disgrace and Im glad Ive left the fold.

  199. The ammount that turned up for the C.h.r.i.s bit of the rally said it all really. Those who turned up are the keyposters on official c.h.r.i.s group. Really embarresing I should imagine for that campaign.
    That lady from the official organsiers handled that apparently 'softening the blow' of Bill and Chris's removal from the keynote speakers, did very well and handled the situation.