Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Pain Players

There are numerous profiles with obvious sadomasochistic interests, but most of these folks seem to play only with other consenting adults.  However, as we saw in an earlier entry, that may not always be the case.

Harald Schneider expresses interest in "spanking my kids" and a number of other things, and his "About" information apparently translates to "Family.  3 children.  Strictly."  His profile photo (which is redacted here) shows a young girl bent over a table.

Below is his photo album, which is also redacted here.  The image in the middle seemed to be especially popular with his friends.

Harald's friend Max Lehrer had quite a collection of drawings.  The one below displayed a Bible verse and attracted some obviously prurient comments.  This isn't too surprising; Amazon shows that some "Christian" books on child-rearing that advocate corporal punishment are popular with the BDSM crowd.

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