Monday, February 21, 2011

The Boy From Brazil

In his novel Sacrifice, Andrew Vachss says, "Slime can slide, but it can't hide."  This describes Marcos Teia perfectly.

Marcos Teia's profiles have been shut down so often that he's set up a number of them with different names and avatars.  In the past, he's been "Marcos Souza" and "Marcos Robson" as well as "Marcos Teia."  He's diversified even further, appearing as Marcella Souza, Servidor Teia,  Marcos Teia Servidor, and Marcos Teia.  But his most active profile at the moment would be "Marcos Garcia."

So it's probably not surprising that Marcos Teia would be an admin of a private group called "xxxpedo" along with "Marcos Fernandes", presumably another one of Teia's alter egos.  According to our sources, this is one of the worst private groups they've ever seen.  In addition to posting numerous vile images, Marcos Teia is apparently offering child porn videos for sale. 

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