Friday, February 11, 2011

Paolo Ghelardini

Who was this "Paolo Constantino" who clicked "like" on the comment about him raping young girls?

Well, he looks a lot like a guy called Paolo Gherlardini, an Italian illustrator.  Let's take a look at his profile.

He even lists "paologhelardini" in his contact information.

He argues that Romania must be a civilized country because the government provides cable TV with porn.  In a recent CNN blog post, David Batstone called Romania a "global center for human trafficking."

According to the Wikipedia article on Eva Ionesco, there were some controversial erotic photographs taken of her when she was five years old.

He is proud of his involvement with "Lolita" magazine, which reportedly rewarded readers who submitted child porn for publication with free magazines.

He also talked about his time in the Netherlands.
"I recall Red Light Center in Amsterdam, The Amstel, Casa Rosso, Rokin Road...Oh...what a fine country is Holland, I love, I miss! Pity Pornoshops now are deleted......I know!  But in 1969 I remember you said_ let‘s live pornography...then when we shall be satisfied she will desapppear! You right! First Lolita Magazine and Chick by my lost friend editor Joop Wilhelmus born in Dordrecht (and killed in Rotterdam 1997 by a bastard catholic), I was one of his photographers and scienist for Super8 movies! My glory, my dream! This is freedom, this is civilisation! I am proud of you dutch people! Long life to you!"
"Lella" wasn't his only victim.  He also bragged about exploiting other young girls.
"She is one of my best lilmodels! Now she is 10 yo, but she began to do sex since 2 ys! She likes so much analsex and piss!"
"Barbara my model! She began sex at only 4 years! Now she is 17, a real slut nymphomaniac!"
Given Romania's problems with human trafficking and the number of vulnerable children there, Ghelardini could probably find a number of young victims.

"Ls magazine" also published child pornography, and seems to be a popular child pornography keyword.

He thinks that the (redacted) image posted by Marcos Teia would be better without the swimsuit.

He can't seem to get enough child pornography.

Many of the child pornography traders have gotten kicked off Facebook and returned with new accounts.  Ghelardini is no exception.

His next account used the screen name "Paulo Constantinescu." 
"My alter-ego Paul Constatin banned! Ahahah!! I don‘t care a rap!  Problem is for my friends notfor me because I have an arkiv with + of 10.000 pthc pics and 1000 vids! My mails no one, nteiher God, can delete! Fuck asshole Facebook ad idiots snakes fake friends!"
He seemed to think that email would be a safer approach:
"If you wanna watch them in sexual activity no limits call my mails!  Proud to satisfy you! By mail we are in security!"
Ghelardini has a twisted approach to theology and philosophy.  Many others would consider producing child pornography to be a mortal sin.

The comment where he invokes the name of God has to be one of the grossest violations of the Second Commandment I've ever seen.

Will Romanian law enforcement ever do anything about Ghelardini?  We can only hope.

Update: there have been some anonymous comments posted claiming that these Facebook profiles were created by somebody else.  One of these accounts posted this image, which looks a lot like him:

For obvious reasons, we redacted the image, but it's hard to understand how an imposter would have gotten ahold of the original.


  1. cacate! Is a fake!

  2. this FB account was stolen by an ennemy of P.G. when he was on FB. Everyone can create a FB account (fake), with born date of a person and post all is in Google about him! Then, after created the account, this accounter can post everything! Is so simple to enter like a false friend in an account, then stole all pics, story, etc. and post their comments like a real account of the ennemy! This is the reality of Facebook, the rest doesnt matter! For destroy the name of a person Facebook is a fantastic nazist socialnetwork! Million of persons have fake profiles, FB doesnt control anything! This is all!

  3. To the idiot wo posted comment> *who lives hoping dies shitting!*

  4. The user also posted a photo of what appears to be PG naked holding a sex toy and a topless photo of PG's wife. How would an enemy of P.G. have acquired those photos?

  5. Is this NOT you?
    Because that image was also posted by that account. I've redacted it for obvious reasons.

  6. About his wife nevermore he posted a pics of his wife on FB! She died on 2006! For sure someone stolen p.g images from another social network, then created a FB account with these imagines, date of born, city, work, hobbies, etc. Is very simple and FB knows that is possible, doesnt control and cannot control anything! Everyone can create for ex. an account of Silvio Berlusconi with fake informations posting all he wants and likes! This is reality, the rest fantasy and slander! A lot of families are destroyed by FB this way! This is all!

  7. Only YOUR God says! PG is atheist, doesnt trust in commandments, doesn trust in religions who killed million of person in the history of humanity!... and FB wrongs about P.G. Doesnt know anything about him, but is so simple to go on Google and read his real activity by scienist along 45 ys! Facts not words!

  8. Ah! Ah! Ah!...I laugh so hard I cry! He is Benito Mussolini!!!

  9. Paolo, if someone wanted to destroy your reputation HE WOULD USE YOUR REAL NAME IN ALL ACCOUNTS RELATED TO YOU!! Duh!!, Where's your logic? How can someone destroy you using the names Paulo Gerardo, Paul Grechiadan, Paolo Constantino, Gerard Paulaner. etc??

    Also, your books sch as Brevario del Libertino is about perverted sex, not to mention your comic strips that are pretty sick as well...

    Who would talk about your daughter having to move to Australia because there are no jobs in Italy?

    We know you from a long time, don't even try to fool us LOL!

  10. Well, PG doesn't like logic! Logic is for politic men, for philosophes, for academics, for priests, not for a rebel like he is! About Breviario del Libertino you wrong, doesn't look at sexual perversion but at erotic literature in XVII century, you failed! The nick names you say comes from my pseudonyms of his 750 erotic novels he wrote in his life since more of 40 ys! Everyone in the world knows them, they are public dominium! About his daughter this her problem, not yours! Be serious like P.G. has been all along his life! And go to read "Elogio della Follia", by Erasmo da Rotterdam. Is a fine lesson for who wanna pose as a champion of liberty and justice! Good luck!

  11. Fine last comment!

  12. Facebook mentisce sapendo di mentire! E' notorio che ospita illegalmente gruppi pedofili, scatofili, zoofili, satanisti, mafiosi, trafficanti di armi e droga e quant'altro i codici penali rubricano! C'è persino Bin Laden! In qualità di giornalista ho tutti i diritti di documentarmi su qulsiasi argomento avendo pubblicato nel tempo Libri Bianchi, articoli, saggi, fumetti, romanzi semza problemi! I miei veri accounts eano Dante del Boccaccio, Kunst Art Universalia. Pubblicavo arte, poesia, letteratura, filosofia, etc. Ma mi avete disabilitato per i nudi di Modigliani, nudi erotici classici patrimonio culturale dell'Umanità di dominio pubblico, qualificandoli *pornografici*, foto di Papa Ratzinger nazista (Google) e un video USA sulla pedofilia nel Vaticano e nel mondo! Riguardo i minori FB finge di non sapere che qualsiasi minorenne può iscriversi tramite falsa email, falsificando data di nascita, ceando immagine profilo fasulla e iscrivendosi a gruppi pedofili per esempio... (segue)

  13. Facebook mentisce sapendo di mentire! E' notorio che ospita illegalmente gruppi pedofili, stanisti, zoofili, scatofili, mafiosi, trafficanti di arm e droga e quant'altro i codici penali rubricano! C'è persino Bin Laden,(vero o falso che sia).
    In qualità di giornalista ho tutti i diritti di documentarmi su qualsiasi argomento, avendo pubblicato nel tempo libri Bianchi, articoli, saggi, fumetti, romanzi senza problemi!
    I miei veri accounts erano Dante del Boccaccio e Kunst Art Universalia, dove pubblicavo arte, poesia, leteratura, filosofia, etc. ma mi avete disabilitato quando ho postato nudi di Modigliani e Goya, l'Erotica Universalia patrimonio culturale dell'Umanità do dominio pubblico qualificandoli come Pornografia e una foto di Papa Ratzinger nazista (v.Google), un video USA sulla pedofilia nel Vaticano. Riguardo i Minori, FB finge di non sapere che qualsiasi minorenne può iscriversi falsificando data di nascita, creando immagine profilo fasulla e iscrivedosi poi a gruppi pedofili per esempio... (segue)

  14. ...da tali gruppi chiunque può estrarre migliaia di foto porno senza problemi, pubblicarle e taggarle su amici anche non consenzienti! Il traffico porno di tali minorisu FB è immenso, allucinante, mondiale! Sono oltre 2.500.000 in Europa i minori che si cambiano foto pornografiche! Esistono falsi accounts di attori e attrici e artisti famosi creati con loro foto originali tratte da Google, ma FB fa finta di non saperlo ed esige pulizia e correttezza per *tutelare* tali minori dalla pornografia, minori che se la ridono beffandovi allegramente!
    Certi amministratori di FaceBook (leggasi censori) evidentemente vivono sulla Luna, come sempre ho denunziato nei miei accounts seri!
    Ciò deve aver scatenato la loro reazione, tanto da favorire chi ha creato miei falsi accounts estrapolando mie foto da quelli regolari, postando commenti, miscelando ad arte realtà e finzione, collegandomi a gruppi pornopedofili che sono patrimonio di FB, non mio! Quanto alla foto adamitica è evidente che si tratta di un ottimo photoshop, realizzabile con uno scanner Heidelberg di grande qualità!
    La mistificazione di chi ha operato in tal senso è pari alla ignoranza di chi detesta e odia cultura e arte, di chi non mastica sapienza, di chi è intollerante come l'Inquisizine Medioevale, condannando chi non la pensa come lui, brandendo un codice di comportamento biblico ormai fossile e schiavista! La Libertà è partecipazione, come diceva Giorgio Gaber, non fanatismo di parte, non discrimazione!
    ("solo ciò che è trascorso o mutato o scomparso ci rivela il suo mondo reale." Cesare Pavese)
    Bye bye baby, addìo!