Friday, February 18, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Jerry Cannon, the user we knew as "Terry Lewis" has also been arrested.  He was quite persistent, and more than a little creepy.  This is his profile picture, which was recycled in more than one account.  We were aware of 7 accounts, and the news story said that he had 13.

A lot of the users on his friends list had profile pictures depicting girls and young women, and he was quite chatty.  He kept a collection of child pornography in his private albums and apparently hoped if he granted his friends access, they'd reciprocate by taking "private" pictures of themselves.  Of course, most of his Facebook friends probably weren't the attractive young girls in the Facebook profile photos.  One of them was an author investigating human trafficking, and another turned him into the FBI.  Then again, it's also unlikely that he really owned a "multi-million dollar buisness."

We contacted Kentucky ICAC about him, and they were responsive and professional.  However, the FBI had begun an investigation when the other Facebook user reported him.  It turns out that "Terry Lewis" was actually Jerry L Cannon, formerly the pastor at God's House in Dry Ridge, KY.  The news story is at and the criminal complaint is at .

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