Friday, April 1, 2011


"The Intelligent Mom's Guide to Spanking" group was created by "Becky Chandler" who claims to be an "unabashed radical Pro-Spanking Mom."  Becky goes on to emphasize that this group is not a fetish site.

 That's an interesting claim.  One of the regular contributors was featured in an earlier blog post and another seems to show up a lot in spanking-related groups.  And Yolanda Varela, one of the members shown on the left, has a rather telling profile picture.

Let's check out this "Spanking Children" page that Becky promotes.  There seems to be a number of like-minded people.

Becky Chandler seems to be all over the net as "beckychr007."  Below is one of her Twitter status messages.

She also likes to frequent Yahoo and answer questions about parenting.  Below she talks about paddling adolescents.

Should we be surprised that she again mentions bare-butt spanking?  By this point, probably not.

Who "sexualized" the "traditional way parents disciplined?"  According to Becky, it must have been the anti-spanking activists.  Glad she cleared that up for us.

She links to the "teacherswhopaddle" blog, which some people believe to be a fetish site.

She claims that her 11-year-old daughter encouraged her to start a discussion on Yahoo about whether she should be paddled.

She seems to have done a lot of research into different kinds of spanking implements.

One of her contacts uses the screen name "spank men otk for bad behavior" and asks a question about consenting adults receiving "real discipline spankings."

Becky also has an interesting list on Amazon.  I'm sure that the "Spanking Tails" books were just there for scholarly purposes.

She's also got quite a collection on ImageShack.

It's difficult to imagine any high school student, let alone a cheerleader, wearing red polka-dotted underpants that said "USA" on the back.  Just sayin'.

Becky has claimed to be Catholic, and what could be more respectful than nunsploitation?  Let's see how many things we can find wrong with the image below.  First, the entire background is white.  You might find this in a studio but not in a school.  Second, the "nun" appears to be wearing pants under the "habit."  Third, there are no Catholic schools left in the US that practice corporal punishment.

Although Google shut down the "Just a Girl in short shorts" blog, we can retrieve parts of it through the Wayback Machine.  Hey Becky, want to tell us again how it's the anti-spankers who "sexualized" things?

Update: if you Google "Becky Chandler and spanking," there's apparently a well-circulated porn clip depicting a blond girl in short cutoffs being paddled.

By an amazing coincidence, the Becky Chandler we've seen repeatedly posting about spanking also seems to be fascinated by short cutoffs.  Below is the photo she's used repeatedly.  Coincidence or not?

At any rate, some other users on Yahoo also noticed Becky's pattern of behavior:


  1. Bending over the back of a chair? Bare-bottomed? With a paddle? All ages, even teens? THIS ISN'T EVEN LEGAL IN MOST STATES!
    This group has nothing to do with caring parents. This is nothing but a Facebook version of "The Spanking Club" ring that was exposed by the FBI.

  2. See "Spanking Can Be Sexual Abuse":

    Rape: Lesson No. 1

    "Paddling" as sexual exploitation:

    Spanking Kids and Sexual Problems, Murray Straus, University of New Hampshire

  3. At this point, I don't know who "Becky" really is. Sure, she talks about being a "recovering attorney" from Massachusetts who moved to Arkansas. But when I searched for law licenses in that state, I couldn't find anything for that name. And the profile pictures are either a grainy, low-res photo that's been used repeatedly or a cartoon. Becky isn't exactly shy online, and it seems like a real person would have more than one photo.

    So is Becky really a mother and a teacher at all? Who knows?

  4. I continue to monitor Becky C, I've know the person behind the screen name since she arrived on the internet. She has stated she once was married but finally accepted she's a lesbian and divoriced. She claims she raised two daughters, one son, and one niece. After her divorice she moved with her daugher and niece to the greater Pheonix,AZ area. She is aware her prospanking views have caught the attention of Facebook authorities, about six months ago she was nearly "ereased" from FB and has since become clandestine in her obsession about promting child spanking. She now only discusses spanking on her Intelligent Woman's Guide to Spanking FB site and continues her blogging on her Libertarian political views. She understands her legal rights and knows the line not to be crossed regarding involment of children and her obbsession with spanking. She has recently distanced herself from any association with spanking and sex in the context of child spanking accpet to deny it exists as a problem and defends parenting as a group of adults exempt from any criminal intent of sexual abuse if they spank their children. She has only contempt for any psychological explainations for spanking fetishes originating from trauma of sexual abuse of children when they were spanked as children. If she is honest about her own children's ages they have grown to the age where she can no longer legally spank them, but I'm certain they haved suffered some form of psychological damage from it but are in denial of it with the help of Becky's use of religion to explain they were not abused but loved properly.

  5. Well "she" sounds like a creepy fetishist dude to me. Is anyone really so gullible as to believe in this!?

  6. Liz, I'd like to think not, but some parents aren't too discerning and follow some pretty sick advice about child-rearing.

  7. This woman has been haunting me for quite some time (if this person really is a woman). I met her on Yahoo Answers creepy parenting section. The way she talked about hitting kids with objects on their bare butts was absolutely outrageous to me. I really hope she doesn't have children - if she does and she actually DID "spank" them the way she portrays, even though she admits to having a spanking fetish - she did abuse them sexually. I'm disgusted and really really hope she's just making all of this up!!

  8. My best guess is that "Becky" is a fake. There's like one crappy low-res photo that keeps getting reused and no record of anyone with a similar name in the Massachusetts state bar (despite the claims of working as an attorney there). It also seems like some other bogus "lesbian bloggers" that have been caught recently have turned out to be men, and it wouldn't surprise me if that was also the case here. However, I do wonder if there's some truth in some of the childhood memories that "Becky" posts. It would explain the messed-up sexuality and the poor sense of boundaries.