Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Men Kissing

Some users organized a "Kiss-In" protest on Facebook in response to an incident where two gay men were ejected from a pub in the UK.  One man posted a photo of two men kissing to the "Dangerous Minds" Facebook page in the context of the event.  Facebook removed the photo, sent the user a warning, and deleted the protest event.  Below is a screenshot from their blog that includes the photo.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at what some currently active users on Facebook have been up to.  Sarah Dee is interested in finding some other groups where people post images and videos.

What kind of images and videos?  Well, Sarah Dee lists her interests as "Lolita" and "P T H C."  For the blissfully unaware, "PTHC" stands for "pre-teen hardcore."  We can reasonably assume that Sarah and friends are interested in stuff that's a lot more explicit than kissing, and it doesn't involve adults.

Sarah Dee's friend "Children Side" is also openly trolling for child pornography.

Emily Emmerson uses the "Questions" application to ask "Would anyone like to trade pics or vids?"

Zac Cartoon is also looking for like-minded friends and is not too subtle.  He posts, "plz all pedo add me."

The two fully clothed men in the first picture hardly seem sexually explicit.  If the Facebook safety team would like to see something that was, they might want to take a look at some of the closed and private groups that some of the users we saw were talking about.

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