Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shane Ispedo

The user previously known as "Shane Ispedo" is currently facing over 50 charges related to possession, distribution, and production of child pornography.  Shane Dale Pattison is a 21-year-old former student from Marshall, Saskatchewan who sometimes used the name "Pokedod."  I believe that this is his DeviantArt site: .  It's strikingly ordinary.

When I was in high school, many of us envisioned pedophiles as dirty old men.  A number of Catholic priests had been charged, including two who had been pastors in the local Catholic Church.  Years later, it's difficult to wrap my head around the idea of people younger than I am now being arrested for sex offenses.  "What made them that way?" I wonder sometimes.  A number of causes have been suggested, e.g., experiencing sexual abuse, exposure to pornography, genetics, and personal choice.  But nobody really knows.


  1. Sick bastard, and our justice system does diddy squat, while awaiting his court date he was monitored by an ankle bracelet? Big deal, he still had access to his child which he said he wanted to have and would start using as a sex toy asap, and social services allows this ?? I dont understand how they gave the mother custody knowing full well that she was allowing him to be around the child! She has pictures of the 3 of them on her fb page taken april 22, yet posts "dont judge me, let me talk etc"...our "system" here does nothing to protect our children(who hold our future in their hands) yet they protect these bastards in jail! Its no wonder people take "justice" into their own hands! I think the death sentence is appropriate for these disgusting freaks because there is no rehabilitation that works for them and why should our tax dollars go to keep them safe, comfortable and protected in prison for a few lousy years then they get out and are right back at it.....absolute bullshit!

  2. That's worrisome about the girlfriend, especially if he continues to have access to the child.

  3. Yes! It is very worriesome...i am very concerned about the well being of that child. She knew that he was into this sick demented stuff and yet got pregnant by him, she didnt report him either...why??? She said she declined his invitation to 'participate' in viewing it etc because she had been abused as a child...again why wouldnt she have reported him then? What if all she told to the investigators was lies, what if she also is into this stuff and wanted this child for the same purpose he did....these thoughts go through my mind because i really cant understand why else she would concieve a child with him, and allowing him to have contact with the baby knowing exactly what he is,(she is also engaged to him).....i'm sorry but any 'normal' mother would never allow someone like that around their child! I wish social services would take that boy and put him in a safe home and that he would never, ever find out who or what his father is.

  4. It's hard to tell. If the girlfriend was sexually abused as a child, she may be confused about what's normal, and she may also have some problems with self-esteem.

  5. That is possible, yes...but for the sake of that child i sure hope social services is at least checking on him often....and i mean really checking!

    i would never have guessed that there were so many of these people out there until i came across this page,(i was looking for news to see if they had locked him up yet) so sick and demented i just cannot wrap my mind around it...i hope they all get caught and rot in jail!

  6. even this sicko has low self esteem.

    both of them are making second best choices.

    and their children are scarred for life.

  7. The little girl in the profile picture is "Sammy." She's starred in a number of movies as the lead... uh... subject, I guess you could say.

  8. I don't want to appear to excuse, belittle or seem to justify the terrible acts against children that have been committed by not only these people but all those who abuse any child, woman, person or animal. Unfortunately, many of us have read or heard of way too often, some really SAD incidents against the innocent among us.
    We must remember it is common for damaged people to damage and hurt others.. they sometimes have been so abused themselves there is actual damage to their ability to love as normal people know love and show affection.. if the only affection you received as a child, 'naturally looking for love' was coming in the form of an abuse, would you know how to love in the proper sense (i often wonder if pedophiles turn to children bc they have been hurt by adults themselves as children and don't trust or know how to associate intimately with other adults? Just one of my personal questions).. i don't know these people at all personally or how their childhoods went though they display the behaviours that tend to go with conditional relationships, i wouldn't even go so far as to describe it as conditional love, bc it is not loving to abuse.
    And we all know of others who have even though abused themselves, have not themselves become abusers. Only God knows why some do and some don't? Maybe, some among us who specialise in working with these kinds of people have more insight into the character types who have been abused who will then go on to become abusers themselves. It is surely a SAD indictment against humanity.
    What to do with the perpetuators?
    1. Firstly remove them from society, so that at least there is some damage control, they should DEFINITELY NOT be allowed to have access to those they abuse, and if that means PRISON BARS then that is what is needed.
    2. Full assessment of their mental health needs to be evaluated and what measures should be taken to attempt rehabilitation to acceptable and normal behaviours should be implemented.
    3. They should not be allowed to associate with others of similar criminal leanings unless those are some who have rehabilitated COMPLETELY.
    4. The child/children should be placed in a safe environment and they themselves need to receive help so that the cycle does not continue.

    My grandfather, who on most levels was a seemingly nice individual was himself abused in an orphanage, who then went on to sexually, abusive behaviours with his own daughters and THEN their daughters, his own grandchildren, myself included. The abuse i experienced was not physically as bad as the ongoing soul damage, in those days we didn't speak about such things so the damage was not addressed. I pray that for most of the victims of the child porn industry the damage they experience is at least not physically harmful, though for many it sadly will be.
    I have forgiven my grandfather, i only wish i had done so before he died though.
    The problem with bitterness of the heart is that it eats at the very soul of the one who carries the bitterness.
    This is a hurting world that sadly continues to hurt and wound itself over and over and over again.