Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back Again

Marcos Teia may create new Facebook accounts more frequently than he changes his underwear.  It's hard to tell.  But he inevitably pops up every day or so with yet another name or user photo.  Within a few hours, Facebook has usually shut down not only that account but all of his friends too.  I'm betting that the one below plus all of his friends will get nuked by noon tomorrow.  Mr. Teia has also decided to grace with his presence again, along with some reportable photos of young girls.  Hopefully, Facebook security won't get too jealous over this since they'll almost certainly see him again.

BTW, it might be worth checking out his groups before booting him.   He's apparently found his way into at least one that may be sharing something other than Bible verses and holy cards.

Update: They didn't even last until 9 AM Pacific Time.  The group that he was in is gone too.

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