Friday, March 25, 2011

Sheva and Joe

According to some recent articles, Facebook disables about 20000 accounts a day for various reasons.  Most of this is done automatically because there are millions of users.  Users whose accounts are disabled are usually not given a reason if they appeal.

So let's consider two Facebook profiles.  Sheva Burton is an activist fighting child abuse.  Joe Dogsex is interested in things like "playing with my little girl", "family sex encest", "Dog Knots the Girl," and "BEASTIALITY."  So which of these profiles did Facebook shut down?  If you guessed "Sheva Burton," you'd be right.  Mr. Dogsex was still there at the time this was posted, and apparently has been for a while.

Below is a screenshot of Sheva Burton's profile from Google's cache.

Below is a screenshot of Joe Dogsex's profile at the time this entry was posted:

Sheva Burton's profile, however, is currently disabled.

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