Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love Boys

Via Scribbal and KOB, a woman in New Mexico saw child pornography on a Facebook page called "Love Boys" and reported it to law enforcement.

Valencia County resident Loretta Armijo contacted the Valencia County Sheriff's Department after making the shocking discovery on Facebook and said she wanted to do anything she could to bring down the page and expose it to authorities.
The page was titled “Love Boys” and posted pictures of scantily clothed children on the wall.
Armijo said she found the page while surfing Facebook and immediately called police, but was told she would have to talk to federal authorities.
Local sheriff's officials said that in cases like this, people need to report the page or site right away to police, the attorney general's office of the FBI.
Officials stated one person is responsible for creating the page and law enforcement will investigate it.
Armijo was appalled with what she saw on the Facebook page.
“I was disgusted with the photos that were on the site, on this page and it brought tears to my eyes because I felt bad for these kids. I don't know what part of the world they are in but Facebook is a place for everybody,” she explained.
Good for her (and anyone else who tried to do something about it).

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