Sunday, June 26, 2011

James Dobson Fans

Karen Mentor seems to be a big fan of anything related to spanking kids, including the Bible and some books by James Dobson.  Some of Karen's friends just seem to be into spanking, plus or minus the Christianity.

Meet Lynn Redbottom, one of Karen's friends.  She's not exactly subtle about her interest in spanking.

She's a fan of James Dobson's books on child discipline.  Is Dobson really not aware that certain kinds of people find his books "stimulating" or is it just easier for him to ignore this fact?

Here's where it really starts getting creepy.  She's in a number of groups, including one named "Mommy, show your love by using your belt."  The "About Lynn" section says "Have two teenage daughter's that know what it means to go over Mommy's knee."

Someone else questioned this, and she seemed to have no idea why other people might find it less than appropriate.


  1. I know this site .. am on it ... what worried me about her, whether or not she thinks her spanking fetish is a problem or not to her - she enjoys it so fine for her, but to write "Am interested in women who know how to adjust the attitude of a naughty girl" - right next to her statement that she has 'two teenage daughters who know what it mans to go over mummy's knee' - shows total lack of understanding of safety! She has stated she doesn't enjoy spanking children - it's only HER...and taking that as true still for me doesn't mean she is being very sensible.

    Also, what sort of person .. wants to 'talk to other 'spanking parents' that are found on FB or anywhere else! Ie .. ones she knows nothing about !!

    BTW her profile disappeared from FB last night, and all her threads on that site - today, it appears to be back - but ALL of the above interests etc have been changed ...

  2. Yup, a lot of them get shut down by Facebook and come right back. She's currently at . The new profile still mentions teenage daughters, though it doesn't refer to them going over her knee. Why would she mention kids at all in a profile like that? In the best case, it's very poor judgment. In the worst case, one might wonder if she was offering them as part of the deal.