Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving in the U.S. was last month, but we're going to have our very own belated Turkey Day here in honor of all the CP that seems to be coming from Turkish users on Facebook.

Without further ado, here's our first one, Can Akin.  Can likes "Lolita", 11-12 year olds, "nude family," and "our little group."

Next up, we have Sevdasiz Olmaz, who likes "teaching children", "PTHC", and "love young girls."

Facebook has a number of interesting groups.  Let's check out the poetic sounding "child lover."  Someone named Neslihan Uzuner posts a link to "pedoporn.webs.com."  (Sorry, whatever is at that site, we won't be linking to it here.)

Neslihan has yet another link on her profile, this time to pthcpedo.com.  (Won't be linking to whatever that is either.)

Here's Orhan Feyzan.  He's a real jokester.

Orhan also has a wide range of interests, including "Lolita", "Pornographic Films", Pedobear, and "Child Models."

He also likes "Everyone Luvs a Daddy's Little Girl <3."

He's fond of his cousins too, though we couldn't guarantee that the feeling is mutual.

Last but not least is Parlak Popo Zevki.

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