Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not Exactly Subtle

Just in case you were confused about where the PTHC was, Adrian Gutierres clears things up.

Alexis Lacey has links on her wall that purportedly link to videos involving rape and teenage girls.  She's not the only Facebook user we've seen with vile links on her wall, but we've avoided screen-capping those with thumbnail images.

Andreas has links to videos in his profile, along with interest in "PTHC" and "little kids."

Ben Carlson also has video links.  Wouldn't "xxxpthc" be a little redundant?  I mean, is there G-, PG-, or R-rated "preteen hardcore" out there somewhere?

Wilson Jesus Bares Alvarez is interested in Cambodian child prostitutes and also babysitting your kid.

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