Monday, August 8, 2011

Poetry Slam

It's been said that sometimes conservative Christians and spanking fetishists are singing from the same hymnal.  This may be the best illustration I've seen yet.  Below is a poem someone posted to the group "My parents didn't put me in time out, they whooped my ass."  It starts out kind of creepy and goes downhill from there.

Let's see.... Emma Young shows up on the friends lists of users like "Anita Paddlin" so we could reasonably assume that she's a fetishist.  But when we take a look at Wendy Jackson's profile, she just appears to be a conservative Christian with no obvious red flags.

So what is this "" site?  Well, it appears to be offering stuff like spanking stories, multimedia, and role playing.  I'd guess that even many conservative Christians would agree that some of the stories that "" has written are obscene.

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