Friday, July 22, 2011


It's occasionally hard to tell whether someone is trolling or serious.  Below is the user originally known as "Chester MoeLester."

Facebook apparently forced him to change his name, and he became the more prosaic "Chester Brown." 

Here's Hans Rockhard, one of Chester's friends.

Is Hans serious or trolling?  Let's take a look at a comment he posted.

Just .... ewwww.


  1. got 100,000 followers this week and got taken off with no words for the Faceless comrades.

    Whether you agree with them or not, Rojadirecta is perfectly legal in Spain and they have won 2-3 court cases.

    What is legal in some countries isnt in others (marijuana is the best example alhtough the 7-8 euro countries havent legalized rather depenalised and decriminalized) and you cant penalize what isnt a crime elsewhere but is in your country.

    Being gay is illegal in some countries and not in others but FB would never ban gay groups because some countries have problems with it.

    This is all about Facebook doing allright with their corporate partners-masters. Spaniards who are legal in what they do can just eff off in the eyese of FB.

  2. Sorry Anon but I don't think you get it.
    These groups are not about being pro/anti gay. They are groups for peodofiles to meet other peodofiles and exchange pictures of children as young as EIGHTEEN MONTHS being sexually abused.

    Peodofilia is not something that I agree with and I don't accept the "whether you agree or not" argument. Can you really accept that it is ok in some countries but not in others?